Pedroncelli Port 500ml (3) & Chocolate



Pedroncelli Sonoma County Port 500ml 3-Pack and Port Wine Lover’s Dark Chocolate
$44.99 (Normally $81.15) 45% off List Price
2007 Vintage Port Four Grapes, Sonoma County 500ml
Port Wine Lover’s Dark Chocolate

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Reason to buy -

Pedroncelli Port Cupcakes:


We had this during the RPM Veterans Tour, and it was Scrumdilicious! And their Port Cupcakes were even better! Glad to add more of these. :happy:

We can haz Port Cupcake recipe? And Pickled Zucchini recipe? Pleeze? With Sugar and Spice and everything nice?

Edit: Redwinefan found the cupcake recipe. It was missing a while ago. Now we just need the Pickled Zucchini recipe!!!


This is not the Pedroncelli I was looking for… But for those in the port market, this is very good! Redefined an already beat me to the punch on the recipe, but it’s worth the effort to make those cupcakes. I don’t even like chocolate, or cake (yeah, I’m weird like that) and I LOVED these.


One of the best ‘vintage’ style ports I’ve had from California. Somewhere I have a bottle with ‘2018’ scrawled on it.

Very much enjoyed the port - not so much the chocolate. Wish it were salty to offset the dual sweetnesses of the chocolate and port.


Oh, thank dog! When I saw the headline, I thought you were selling that chocolate wine cr****ap.


So sprinkle a few crystals of kosher or sea salt on it! Yum!

Question for anybody…is this a traditional Portuguese grape port or a Syrah/PS/Zin/#4 blend?


Best cupcakes ever! I also enjoyed the Port and bought a bottle when we were there. Even with our discount, it was $19 per bottle so I’m jumping on this deal as soon as I post this but first I will also mention that while I have not had the Port Wine Lovers chocolates, I have had the Zinfandel ones.

I thought they were very good and did pair well with Zin. They were 72% cocoa compared to 54% for the ones included with today’s deal.

Now off to click the big yellow/orange button. WD you are draining my wallet!


The four grapes in “Four Grapes Vintage Port” are Tinta Madeira, Souzao, Touriga and Tinto Cao. Hand picked from Pedroncelli’s estate vineyards, harvested as a field blend. Aged in small oak barrels for 3 years.


How does this 2007 vintage compare to the 2006 vintage that was on woot this past April (4-26-2012)?

Besides being $5 more…


That’s what I thought/feared/hoped. Now I have to consider going in on this (or getting molarchae to). I don’t recall having this on the 2010 Tour. You lucky ducks this time around!


Anyone know if this dark chocolate contains milk products?


I can only offer that I used some of the 2006 to baste my thanksgiving bird with…and that, along with a dry brine, made for hands down the best turkey I’ve ever had on the big holiday. Sadly, I ate too much that day to reward myself with a glass that evening and have yet to get back to it.


I still have the tin from the Zinfandel ones that I mentioned having tried.

FWIW, the ingredients are listed as; extra bittersweet chocolate, chocolate liquor, sugar, soya lecithin emulsifier, pure vanilla. Processed on equipment previously used to process milk chocolate.

Hope that helps and for good measure, here is the nutritional info (again, for the zinfandel ones so may be slightly different);
serving size: 40g
servings per container: about 2.5
calories: 190
calories from fat: 130
total fat: 16g
saturated fat: 9g
trans fat: 0g
cholesterol: 0mg
sodium: 5mg
total carbs: 19g
dietary fiber: 4g
sugars: 11g
protein: 3g
vitamin a: 0%
vitamin c: 0%
calcium: 2%
iron: 10%

EDIT: I found the chocolate website but it doesn’t appear that they have nutritional info listed anywhere.


I like port. My first wine woot was the 06 of this plus the chocolate in a woot off at the end of April.

Delicious! Of the dozen or so “not sold in the grocery store” ports I’ve tried, this was the second best, behind some 12 year old bottle of something that was prohibitively costly.

The first bottle went really well with the chocolates, the second was amazing with (and in) some homemade spag and meatballs, and I’m saving the third for I know not what.

That’s my non-connoisseur review. :slight_smile:


How come this can be called ‘port’ and we were told the KR forte could not be called port unless it came from Europe. And this comes from Sonoma. Wow. Gotta check that autospell on this Android phone.

So whose story is true?


Pretty sure they (Pedroncelli) are “grandfathered” in.


So, I’m a fan of non-vintage ports, but haven’t really tried any vintage. I also lack any kind of wine cellar (or even a basement) to age this properly. Is this deal worthwhile, given that information, or am I better off looking at something else?


Two days, two great wines that won’t ship to Virginia. What gives?

I picked up the 2006 Pedroncelli when it was offered - it’s very good, and a great value. I was hoping to be in for 2 this time (grumble)