Pedroncelli Port 500ml (3) & Chocolate

Pedroncelli Sonoma County Port 500ml 3-Pack and Port Wine Lover’s Dark Chocolate
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2008 Vintage Port Four Grapes, Sonoma County 500ml <- Now 2008, not 2007
Port Wine Lover’s Dark Chocolate

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The Pedroncelli Port is honestly a treat and it is another wine that I will unfortunately miss out on due to the legal interpretations/restrictions. :frowning:

For those who CAN order you definitely should. This port is very delicious. Oh and don’t forget to order extra in order to make the famous Pedroncelli Port Cupcakes.

EDIT: The link is no longer working and I’m trying to find the recipe. Hopefully someone here can post it in case I am unable to find my screenshot.


so we get it before xmas?

We should. They are in Sonoma County, so WW should be able to ship them out this week. :happy:

I LOVE this port… have to get 1!

edit: went for 2, decided to get 1 for mom… I don’t want to share mine! :tongue:

Question: Just for clarification, I ordered this port on woot in 2011 and Pedroncelli states on their website that they still distribute in Georgia via Georgia Crown Distributing. Is this really not distributed in Georgia now or a woot quirk? I don’t follow frequently enough to know if there are different woot rules vs the distribution rules.

There’s a discussion thread about the wine.woot shipping issues HERE.

And HERE is a summary of which states have been affected.

Just in case it’s hard to read for people, ajrod posted full recipe here in the forums back in 2012 (after we had it in the RPM 2012 tour).

Still no shipping to New Mexico. Did Woot hate Breaking Bad so much that they were compelled to stop shipping to Albuquerque? Are they afraid of Walt?

See coolchris’ post above

Anyone have the ingredient list for the chocolate?

This port is a very enjoyable drink. I just bought half a case of the 2004 from a local store looking to clear its stock. I am tempted to buy this just to have a different vintage.

I do, from a previous offer. (So sad I can’t purchase again as the port was incredible!). Here’s how the label reads: “Semisweet chocolate (chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter), soya lecithin, pure vanilla, and vanillin (an artificial flavor). Processed on equipement previously used to process milk chocolate.”
Hope this helps you to push the button!

Oh this is sooo sad! Am in Wisconsin and just found out I won’t be able to order this port…:frowning:

I will also go on record as saying this port is delicious. That doesn’t really tell you much though does it? I’m not so good with tasting notes but I’ll tell you what I like and what I don’t like and maybe that will help.

It is only in the last few years that I even discovered I like port.

I do not like sweet wines at all and rarely eat dessert. After trying several ports, there are only two that I like enough to buy. Frank Family and Pedroncelli. Many ports are overly sweet and almost taste thick and syrupy. but not Pedroncelli.

The Pedroncelli port is sweet without being overly sugary. After tasting my way around ports to try to find some that I like, I think Pedroncelli comes as close as possible to a true Portuguese port as a wine from CA can.

Generally if we have friends over, I’ll have just this as dessert while they much away at an actual dessert.

Goes well with the chocolates as well as various cheeses. The chocolates are darn good too I might add…and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth.

I’m flush with these or I’d be ordering several.

Do ports age well?

Reason for asking is I’m rarely in the mood for a Port but it does happen (say once every year or two!). So I can see these three bottles lasting me a while.

Normally I just pop over to the local Specs liquor store for a bottle and hope I find something good. So it would be nice to have something I can count on when the mood strikes. I’ve been a big fan of Pedroncelli reds in the past.

Yes, generally speaking. Check their website to confirm but I’m guessing it will drink well for the next 10 or so years.

So I am now a moderately experienced wine drinker, but still don’t know most of the technical stuff (and even less when it comes to port). So I do have a question. I have ordered two ports on WW and loved one and thought the other was okay. The Meyer Family Port that I got here a few years back was excellent. It seemed richer, thicker? maybe and I really enjoyed it. The other was the KR Forte which I found to be pleasant but a bit to thin? for my taste.

I know that there are different types of port (tawny? and ruby?) and was hoping if there was any way to draw a comparison from this offer to any of the other two I mentioned. I have heard great things about this port and am already close to hitting that ridiculously over sized yellow button, but was hoping for some more info. THANKS!

Thanks for the info!

Now to see if I have room in my crowded wine cooler for some bottles for the next couple of years :slight_smile: