Pedroncelli Port 500ml (3) & Chocolate

What vintage is this? Nothing appears to state vintage…
Pedroncelli didn’t start bottling NV Port, did they?

Edit: current vintage on the website is 2012

Pedroncelli Sonoma County Port 500ml 3-Pack and Port Wine Lover’s Dark Chocolate
Sold by: Pedroncelli Winery
$44.99 $75.00 40% off List Price

I still have two bottles of the 2005, and rarely drink port. But folks - if you like port, this is a heck of a deal. WD keeps bringing out the good stuff.

$15 for 500ml… whattabargain!

Dessert wine steals today…

And for those looking at “how to use” or saying “I don’t drink port”

Could be since spec says aging 4 years in barrel and the rest of the spec’s match their 2012.

So with only 2 hours left in this final woot-off, is this the woot-off killer? Is this the end of the road today? I don’t see this selling out tonight. Anyone?

I’d be willing to help out get after those :wink: (as well as some of the older Woot cellars wines you have stashed away.) I’m bummed I missed out on some of those.

If no sell out these offers are on a timer.
The woot off could continue into tomorrow.

Well, heck! I seem to be in for one of everything offered. Even when I have some in stock, so it must be a feeding frenzy mentality.
Haven’t had this port, but I do enjoy a glass of port on a chilly evening (which is the best I can say of our current California weather).

THAT would be amazing. Crossing fingers and toes for a 2-day woot-off.

Fair point. Sine we don’t have anything since 2008, it’s probably a good idea for us to buy.

I can not believe that it will end like this…I am piling up cash…rifling the mattresses…under the floor boards…checking pockets and ceiling tiles…and I DO believe the Fat Lady is Gonna Sing! Tonight…tomorrow? Oh no my friends!!! There are gonna be deals from now until then…and just before it’s over…a few hours before it’s gone…”boom”…There is gonna be an explosion of everything you ever dreamed about…and it better end on a huge bonanza from Peter Wellington…the one…the only…
One can dream right?
Can I get an AMEN!

Right WD?

Or not…sigh

In for 3. I was just talking to my friend and she was wishing this would be offered. :slight_smile:
one of my favorite ports

I am already sitting on some '11s, can we get confirmation on this offer being for the 2012 vintage?

I’ve got the '06, 07, '08 and '11.
Well, that’s what CT tells me, and it has a terrible memory.
How did I miss the others…?

Better yet, how did you get the '13s? I see from CT that you got them from woot the same day I got my '11s. :wink:

Yup. Found some '07’s and fixed the '13’s.

Like I said, CT has a rather poor memory. :wink:

Added some of this in hopes it’s a different vintage.

Oh well, I missed the Ped retro-label mag, waited too long on the Wellington Chard and passing on this due to unverified vintage and now it’s time for bed. Guess my wallet is safe until morning.

Resistance is futile.
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