Pedroncelli Rose and Chardonnay Case

Pedroncelli Rosé and Chardonnay Case
$109.99 $184.00 40% off List Price
2013 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel, Signature Selection, Sonoma County, Dry Creek Valley
2013 Chardonnay, Signature Selection, Sonoma County, Dry Creek Valley
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Hey Wooters–It was 95 in Geyserville today! This is the perfect selection to finish the summer.

The Chardonnay is crisp and clean with just a hint of toastiness. Great with grilled fish or chicken–

The Rosé marks the 59th consecutive vintage of this wine–always made from zinfandel. Chill it, serve it! I had this wine with “oyster shooters” in Maui once. A little ponzu and a dot of wasabe. UNBELIEVABLE!

Enjoy the wines, I sure do!

Ed! Welcome back!
I can’t go in on a whole case since, well, I walked out with a case on the Tour. But that rosé is deliciousness! If somebody wants to send an extra couple bottles of that my way I wouldn’t argue.

We (wife plus another couple) were just at Pedroncelli on Sunday and downed a bottle of the Rose with our picnic lunch on the patio. We were deciding between that and the Chardonnay, as we loved both. We’re not local either, so a case was out of the question, so this is perfect.

Have been a fan of and drinking Pedroncelli wines since 1969. Rose of Zin has always been a delight and a GOOD buy. Chard is great for the price. In for one.

Autobuy. I’ve had both and me likey.

Glad you enjoyed your time at the winery–and glad you can now order for delivery!

Great! These are two great wines, and this is a screaming deal!

Me too. And, me too(ey).

Great to meet you in person. I hope Wellington and Ty Caton took care of you Monday!

Ironically we just had a bottle of the Rose last night (from a previous mixed offering: SB, Friends White and Rose). I love this wine and was commenting that we need to buy more. I guess this must be a sign. Will both of these wines make it until the following summer under proper storage?

This is a great offering - I bought the Rose on Tour and think this is a great deal!

Everyone knows I am a big fan of Pedroncelli wines as great values and very good wines.

If you don’t already have both of these wines, buy them now!

Without a doubt. Key to that is balance in the wines–both of which are nicely balanced–The chardonnay will develop a nice bottle bouquet and the strawberry aromas of the Rosé calm a bit. They’ll last…if you can!

I couldn’t agree more RPM!

I guess one could save the Rose for next summer, but I mention that it is festive during the Christmas/New Year holiday, looks smashing served on Valentine’s Day and is the official beverage of the Cherry Blossom festival at my house. Just the thing to welcome spring. :slight_smile:

the last words typed before pushing the big button!

I would if I could. But I am in one of those states that may not receive wine.woot shipments. In the past, you have graciously permitted us to contact the winery directly. Would that be available today as well?

love the rose. haven’t tried the chard, but comments are good. in for 1.

I would bet the answer is “yes” – why not call and ask?