Pedroncelli Rosé & Friends White Mixed Case

Both are great wines and wonderful on a hot summer day in the backyard

Would be all over this at this price if it was the Sauvignon blanc instead of the friends . Love the rose as well.

Pedroncelli is one of my favorite stops on the RPM History Tour - the memory of its warm hospitality always lingers much longer than the wine I purchase.

And purchase, I do. I echo the sentiments on the Sauvignon Blanc. And as Ed well knows, my enthusiasm for the rose is well established. One year I literally bought all the vineyard had left (two cases). At my house it is consumed year-round…and is my pour of choice during the D.C. Cherry Blossom festival, when my palate seeks a refresh from heavy winter reds.

During my visits to Pedroncelli I have been fortunate to taste a great many of its wines, and have found all to be well-made, and priced in a manner that is ideal for entertaining.

When I last visited, I commented to Ed that his reds seemed so much friendlier - livelier - than so many others and wondered why. He explained that it was the pH of the wine that created the mouthfeel I enjoyed. Having that nugget of knowledge has been quite beneficial as I gain a greater understanding of my palate.

too bad I’ve been busy all day and missed this one. We’re out of Pedroncelli whites, and I’ve been waiting to reorder. This is twice in a row now that I’ve missed the offer.