Pedroncelli Six - Pack

Anyone in DFW want to split this?

Needed more of this one.

The PA State stores sell this. It’s a very good entreé for the white Zin set into real wine. Perfect for the summer (and also Thanksgiving).


Hi, Laura, what can you tell us about it? Why did you need more?

No need to wonder about cellarability on this one. Just give it a chance to recover from the trip east, chill it, sit out on the porch, and enjoy.

How does this compare to a traditional white zinf like a Beringer or Vendange? (I know that stuff is blashpemy to a real wine drinker.

Same reason George Mallory climbed Mt Everest.

No DC? Bah!

It’s a great summer wine. I ordered a case from Pedroncelli with their last post woot offer. I’ve gifted a few bottles and everyone has asked where they can get more.

I’d call it refreshing. Like the Triacipadis, it is a “where did all this wine go?” bottle. Good price. Great to take to impromptu summer gatherings. And I’m using it to get my nieces off of the really sweet stuff they like.

The description says dry, so not a good comparison to a Beringer white zin. More like a traditional French rosé. Good with food or without. Now, I have to get my order in before it sells out.

Has this been offered here, before? Comments?

Hope it’s not one of those I’ve already bought and not had time to quaff!

Edit: Thanks, Lauratchi for the date info! Found that I’ve got one hidden somewhere in the wine cellar from the April order, which I’d completely forgotten. Maybe I’ll try to unearth and taste so I don’t miss something I might regret missing!

Offered in April as the Pedroncelli 4 +1.

This stuff is a dry rose.

Think character more like a Provencal or Taval rose, allowing for the difference in grapes.

Here are the comments from the previous offer:


Faux Rat Report

In for one…I am really hoping for some LONG OVERDUE bubbly. Just for shits and giggles what do you say??? wow, they really like to edit

I like this wine!! And at this price it cannot be beat.

My CT notes on this one:
*5/11/2009 rated 89 points: Light, refreshing. Hints of cherries and strawberry. Slight acidity keeps it from being too sweet. Easy to drink – excellent on a warm summer afternoon. Solid enough to pair with food (went well with spaghetti in meat sauce). *

when I saw Pedroncelli was up I hoped this was part of the set. To see it IS the set made me in for two, consequences be damned!

consequences, schmonsequences…

It’s just that good.

Hmmm. We went ahead and ordered two cases from the winery or I’d be all over this.

It’s a lovely refreshing dry Rosé, with more depth than a lot of others that I’ve tried. And at this price point it has a killer Quality/Price Ratio.

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