Pedroncelli Six - Pack

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Drinking window: 2009 - 2011

$10 per bottle normally

Which kinda makes me wonder why this is a “good” woot-off price… for buying 6 bottles, after shipping you save about $7 total on the whole shebang. Not super awesome IMO. For that little savings, I’d rather buy one at the normal price and see if I like it.

(sorry Woot, I still love you)

OK, I’m open-minded here. Can a rose zinfandel actually be a good wine worth buying? Or are they all bargain jug wine quality?

And for that matter, is this one good?

Yeah, I agree. Although the next time I go tasting up there, I’ll want to check this out. Sounds interesting, but not worth a $50 bet.

IN for 1

And now sporting my newly re-minted black square!

Is this in any way similar (besides color) to White Zinfandel?

White Zin = sweet. Always sweet.

This is not sweet, it’s dry.

Darn was hoping Pedron would show up, but I’m not a Rose’ drinker. Nice for a Rose’though

It’s really not very good. I wanted to like it - I want to like every wine that I buy, of course. I won’t buy it again. It’s not really bad, but it sure isn’t good enough to take up space in my wine storage unit.

I’ve had other Pedroncelli wines that were quite good; that’s why I bought the last offering of this stuff. Not again…

This =/= white zin.

With shipping and sales tax it comes to $94.20. Or do you believe than an angel is going to fly to you holding a bottle?

How much was it to ship from that site? $5?

This IS White Zinfandel! But it appears to be a dry version, so should more closely resemble something of decent quality from southern France (Provence, Tavel, Languedoc) than something completely insipid from Sutter Home or Gallo.

Still, I wouldn’t expect to0 much based on what WE says:

Simple and fruity, with sweet flavors of raspberries, cherries, vanilla and spice. - S.H. (12/1/2009)

Pedroncelli makes among the best Zinfandel rose in California. If I didn’t have half a dozen from the last time it was offered (waiting for this summer) I’d certainly get another set.

Hmmm, I’d still call it White Zin, but dry White Zin.

Even Wine.Woot has people waving their e-p’s around… do you really think anyone in their right mind would order this for $10+$10 shipping? It still doesn’t make this a great deal, just because it’s stupid expensive from some sites once you add in shipping.

And to answer your question, your mom is bringing me a case of them tonight when she visits so I don’t have to worry about shipping.

Or, perhaps, just perhaps, I could go to the liquor store and buy a similar bottle for a similar price. This is nothing special, and neither is the price unfortunately.

(once again, I <3 Woot)

I’m thinking summer barbeque’s maybe?

How do you think it would compare to a dry French rose?