Pedroncelli Six - Pack

Down to my last couple on these, in for a case!

Here’s the offer from last July (it’s the '07 vs. '08)

A six pack of White Zinfandel? I’d almost rather have a menu light.

No, wine.woot, I tease because I love.

in for a case, still warm here in Florida and GREAT beach wine

if only this was kosher


Winemaker’s Tasting Notes

Seems like a nice deal, but I’m not a real fan of white zin.

Besides, I need to save my pennies for the mysteries that lie ahead.

This is not the ordinary ‘white zin’ – It’s dry and it’s good. I’m just finishing up my last case…

This is not White Zin. This is a Dry Rosé, with low (.24%) residual sugar.

And here’s the last offer of the '08 from a Woot-Off in March.

I knew there’d been another go-round!

Darn it. I thought I was safe at least until the next item up. Now you’ve got me considering this one…

Thats right…A nice chilled Rose sitting on Cocoa Beach…Now if I could be in the south of France with a french Rose…

And showing up as “no longer available for purchase.” WD must have cleaned them out!

I got some of this with the last offering. Not a fan. There was not much flavor and it seemed very flat.

But it’s still…white zin…right? I mean, it’s 100% zinfandel!

I love rosés but I think I’ll have to pass.

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Why did the District of Columbia suddenly disappear from the states that they can ship wine to? We were just on the list last week! Boo! I want my wines!

Well, yes and no. It’s a rose of zinfandel. “White Zinfandel” tends to imply the nasty sweet stuff that friends don’t let friends drink. “Dry Rose of Zinfandel” is, well, not. And totally drinkable. And it comes out to be less than $9 a bottle.

What’s wrong with 100% Zinfandel, anyway? :slight_smile: