Pedroncelli Sonoma County Mixed Red 6-Pk

Pedroncelli Mixed Red 6-Pack
$73.99 $124.00 40% off List Price
2011 Pedroncelli Zinfandel, Mother Clone, Sonoma County, Dry Creek Valley
2011 Pedroncelli Three Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County
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If I were buying daily drinkers (or anything) right now this would be a no brainer. Pedroncelli - Italian for QPR.

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Good reviews on CT for the Mother Clone Zin. Has anyone tried the Three Vineyards Cab yet?

Yes, the Three Vineyards Cab is very tasty. The Zin is also good, but you really need to decant it or really let it breath.

I noticed the prices went up on this. We took 3 cases in the last Woot on this (6 Cab, 6 Zins per case). The price was $99/case if memory serves.

Pedroncelli is one of our favorite wineries and it is a no-brainer buy. Just wish the price point remained the same as the last one.

Thanks for the reply. I checked past sales and a mixed case of Ped-Reds was offered Feb. 7th for $120. It included 3 each of the 2 wines offered today as well as 3 each of Merlot and Sangiovese.

Looks like THIS is the case offer you went in on last April for $115, which included 6 each of the 2010 vintage of today’s wines. So before tax and shipping, $9.58 per bottle then vs. $12.33 per bottle today. That is a pretty big jump compared to last year, although less than $10/bottle was a ridiculously low price.

Still doesn’t look like a bad deal.
The winery lists them for 17 Zin & 18 Cab per bottle. They offer a 10% discount for a case. So this is still a pretty nice price by my accounting.

Really, if they know their winery is well-respected among Wine Woot buyers, why not charge a little more and still offer a good discount?

Pedroncelli is Italian for this could be a fun thread.

especially when pEDroncelly drops in.

I’ve got 5-each of these from the Feb woot I doubled up on, in longer term storage; read a couple of years, and haven’t even thought about opening one yet and it wouldn’t have taken much to add a few more.
Oh, why not 6-each left? Donated to the awesome FedEx staff that receives all these.

So the “drinking window” question for Ed. I know I can drink 'em now, but when will they really be ready, and even more tasty?

No one likes pro reviews so here y’all go:

The Cab from Wine Spectator:
Score: 86 Release Price: $17 Issue: Web Only - 2013
Fresh herb notes of sage and mint complement the toast, currant, berry and cassis flavors here, with good concentration and firming tannins on the finish. Drink now through 2022. 6,200 cases made. –MW

The Zin:
Wine Spectator:Score: 87
Release Price: $17 Issue: Web Only - 2013
Superripe, with cracked pepper and dried cherry aromas and modest if zesty licorice and herb flavors. Drink now through 2018. 8,500 cases made. –TF

Zin Wine Enthusiast:
by S.H.
87 points. This is a good wine for enjoying now with Mexican food or a barbecue. It’s dry and briary, with black pepper-accented cola, blackberry and, currant flavors.
— (11/1/2013) — 87

these wines are very average. The Zin is well below average

It’s Italian for “Push the button!”

I defer to the last statement above. :slight_smile:

We did a package change between the 2010 and 2011 vintages–it is quite an arduous process to get through all of the old packages and into the new. Wooters were the beneficiaries of that change.
I won’t even comment on getting Vineyard Designated, AVA specific, current vintage wines for $12.33/bottle.

Notes? Your impressions of the style?

I’ve always thought the Mother Clone a good value, been drinking it off and on for years. Zins can be all over the place stylistically,(I’m not a fan of big monster jammy oozing zins) but I usually find this pretty much in my wheelhouse for the price. Have not had the 2011.

First bought Ped at 100 dollars a case,then a few at 120. This is a pretty good jump , but I like their wines .
If you are in there club,or have previously bought their wine through woot and contacted Ed,you can get club pricing,which is a 25 percent discount on cases,and reduced shipping. A very nice deal,which this beats slightly in the shipping department.
I’ll be buying,and hoping they will offer cases later at a better discount

Once again, like every day, not shipping to MN. Woot will claim that it is due to MN legislation, which is false. Then they will claim it is up to the individual winery, which is also false since Pedroncelli (like other wineries) has sold to MN multiple times previously. What a joke!

Ahh the days of the $89 Pedroncelli mixed case deals appear to be long gone. Still have several of those cases aging away, they have both of these included.

Both of these are solid daily drinkers. I’ve opened a few mags of their 2008 Three Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon at some gatherings, and received very positive comments on it. Here’s CT review I’d left after opening one at work:

Shared a 1.5L magnum with colleagues at work, and have to say it was quite tasty. Nice spice, good mix of red and dark fruit, well balanced, very good wine, especially given the excellent wine.woot price! Everyone loved it. Someone else opened a bottle of “Red Truck California Red Wine” and it was like drinking cherry cool aid after the Pedroncelli!

Aha! THE question…
I always find that our wines start opening up at the end of the release. We just craft more tightly structured wines than most. It’s a bit old school, but when I try the wines 2-3 years down the road I’m reminded why we do that.

Two things you should know: 1) I prefer younger wines-especially Zinfandel.
And 2)our wines have ridiculously long lives for the price point. (WineDavid–want to add anything about the 95(?) cab I gave you?)

My window on the Zin would be 2-4 years from now. A year from now it’ll have come into it’s own and open up quickly when poured.

The Cab, much longer. For a difficult vintage, this wine is one of the nicest I’ve seen come out of here in a while. Great varietal character, beautiful silkiness mid-palate, nice balance, good finish. Let’s put the drinking window 3-10 years? I’m going out on a limb here folks…I really like them in the 5-8 year range, but note my comment above!

Guys…I’m offering this wine at wholesale…I have to look at my father-in-law across the table at lunch every day. Toss a dog a bone, will ya? :slight_smile: