Pedroncelli White Blend (6)

I ordered this the last time it was available. I’ve been to the Pedroncelli Winery. Beautiful place. I love the Pedroncelli wines! Now, having said that, I have to tell you this wasn’t my favorite. I opened a bottle about a week after receiving it. I wanted to like it, but it didn’t do anything for me. I have the other 5 bottles resting on my rack in the basement. My hope is, this summer it will be more drinkable on the deck. We will see.

This is a nice easy drinking wine. I try to always keep a few whites on hand and this is one of them. Still well stocked or I’d be in for more.

Here’s a link to the discussion from the previous offer of the 2012:

After having gone through all but one bottle of this from the last offer, and only because I had the 2013 and the chardonnay/rose mixed case on hand as well, I had to stock up. It’s my wife’s go to white wine, heck any Pedroncelli is, and just hard to pass up. Especially when shipping’s included in the price this time, so $5 cheaper!

Any specifics about what you didn’t like?

How about some Ped Cab or Zin?

Always have one of these on chill. DW especially likes it as an after work summer sipper.

I don’t know why I keep checking woot today… Just tormenting myself with all the things I can’t buy.

I thought the wine was a little bitter. It just didn’t feel right in my mouth. Maybe I was expecting more of a chardonnay taste, or something. I hope that helps. It is hard to put into words what I didn’t like.

Carp, I missed this offer. Wanted to get more. Nice easy drinking wine that everyone enjoyed.