Pedroncelli White Blend (6)

Pedroncelli Sonoma County Friends White Wine Blend 6-Pack
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2012 Friends White Wine Blend, Sonoma County
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I love Pedroncelli wines. They are typically offered at a nice price point, a great value, the reds tend to age well and they are almost always varietally correct. On the last point, how much residual sugar is in this blend? Gewurtz can be anywhere from sweet to dry. I won’t ask what the proprietary blend is, but would like to know if this wine has much sugar in order to inform my decision as to buy one or buy three from both my wife’s account and my own.
BTW, this sounds a bit like the first Triacipadis blend without the riesling, if my memory serves me correctly.

Pedroncelli is an instant buy in our household. I’ve yet to be disappointed in any of their wines, both in quality and price point… This is one of my go to QPR wines for parties at our house… Also, the customer service is amazing (in fact for new folks you likely will see someone posting very very soon from the winery {HI ED!!!}…

From the horse’s mouth last time this was offered: “Very low. 0.5%”

A very favorable review for the QPR of the 2012 Friends echoing the comments of Philct above, mulling this one over:

Pedroncelli, it’s Italian for QPR.

Pedroncelli was the last case bought from Woot before the GA shipping was cut off. Agree with other posters that this would be an automatic buy, but alas, government interference reigns supreme.

Does anyone know if wine.woot buyers actually receive their product? I placed an order in Dec 11th and have not rcvd anything but a charge to my Visa. Woot Support will not help!

[mod note: we’ll be checking on your order with CS!]

Where’s Ed?
That’s his line…

Just dispute the charge with visa since no goods were received and there was no attempt at mediation by the seller. You should get your money back no problem.

So - is this a dry wine? I’m not a fan of most chardonnays - they are usually too creamy for me.

I purchased this wine the last time it was offered. I really enjoyed it and as per the sweetness…very little. I do not like sweet whites (or reds for that matter) and this works. Also, the label is great for gift giving. Getting ready to hit the gold button !! Thanks woot for offering this again…

^thanks! ordered 12 bottles^

Ditto for my household. Bought this during last offer. It’s a wonderful blend that’s great on its own, but really nice with spicier food like Thai or Indian curries and BBQ. As it warms up, it gets a bit more complex, especially with food. Chilled from the wine box it’s like lemonade…we drank a bottle while preparing dinner and didn’t realize it. Yummy!

You are right on the money.

Loved this wine. (And the 1st Triacip was my favorite.) I still have one bottle left from my last order. That, plus the frigid weather here, are not conducive to my buying this today.

The blend is, surprisingly, 50% Gewurz, 25% each Sauv. Blanc and Chardonnay. The RS is 0.5%, barely perceptible, but just enough to round out the finish.
I absolutely LOVE this wine. I actually bought (that’s right Wooters, I PAID MONEY FOR WINE)a case of this wine to have at home. It is the perfect dinner-prep wine!

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But fear not…my sarcasm will always be with you!

Are you sure it was the horse’s mouth?

Actually, I think it’s Italian for “Push the dang button!”