Pedroncelli White Blend (6)

Interestingly enough…we were just discussing the blend for the next vintage and are likely going to leave the Chardonnay out. It doesn’t really seem to add much to the blend in the next vintage.
I would say if you like crisp wines (not creamy) this wine is right up your alley. It perks up your taste buds and leaves your mouth watering for more!

I actually like it a little better as it warms up.(maybe 20-30 minutes out of the fridge) My suggestion is to taste it several times over the course of an hour or more without re-chilling it. If you are left uncertain about your preference, open another bottle and try again!

Skip the mulling and press the button. You won’t be sorry. And if you are, I’ll apologize. I promise.

Hey Wooters-great to be back online with you~
In case you haven’t figured it out, I absolutely love this wine. It is an easy drinking, crisp, virtually dry white wine. That being said, I also think it is one of the best constructed wines we make. The aromas are of spice and citrus and tropical things; and check out the little party that happens on your tongue mid-palate. It’s floral…is that maybe lavender??? The finish is long without being cloying.

I’m tellin’ ya folks, this one is a must buy!!

And for any of you in Neo-prohibitionist states that don’t allow Wooting, send me an email. I’ll make the offer good!

Well, I’m off to the Taos Wine and Ski Fest (hey! someone has to do these things!) So I’ll check back in a couple hours from now.

Thanks, and think of it this way: Who doesn’t need more friends?!


It used to work just fine from a mobile device before they changed the way the mobile site works!

Thanks for your participation; I went in and may have the wifey buy more on her account.

Pedroncelli! Super value for a daily drinker in this white!

Getting low on whites - now if only Amazon/Woot and the state of Minnesota could set aside their differences, real or perceived. This would have been a nice purchase to re-stock with. I am yet to be disappointed with a Pedroncelli wine.

Time to dive into the pool … always loved their reds so I guess I should check out their whites :slight_smile:

One of the problems w/ the Pedroncelli wines I buy on Woot is that I usually kick myself for not buying more!!! In for 3.

BTW…I was introduced to Woot by Ed while in their tasting room. Can’t thank him enough, been a great ride!

Hey Rob–wouldn’t it be nice to share a glass on the Bocce deck? Are you coming out anytime soon?

Send me an email. I’ll hook you up direct!

Winedavid are you listening? It works both ways!

Oh, you just had to say that, didn’t you? I’ll send the email when I get home from work.

The man’s an enabler, I tells ya! He hooked me up last time, when NYS was still in the penalty box.

You call it enabling,I call it blood thirst. I NEVER walk away from an order! (He said from his phone sitting on the plane!)

All this talk about hooking up …

Just the thing for a party I plan on throwing in May.

Thanks Ed!

noted. I had this wine while breaking bread with Ed prior to it’s initial release. no surprise, killer QPR. and it did change the more I drank it.

I don’t want Ed to get a big (bigger) head, but this is some tasty juice.

Minor thread hijack

Salted caramels over on Home.woot. Put some in your cart with Ed’s wine before you checkout!


Fantastic crisp white. I agree that it is the perfect dinner-prep wine. I visited the winery last fall and was generally impressed with most of their wines.

I purchased this wine during one of Pedroncelli’s holiday deals and love both the red and white Friends blends. I gave a bunch away as gifts for Christmas. Sadly, I cannot purchase via Woot due to MN shipping issues, but at least I can buy direct from the winery when I run out. Some of their wines are even available in local wine stores, but I haven’t seen the white blend yet.

There’s talk about a Tour in July… and I may be in Lodi for a family reunion in late April.