Pedroncelli White Blend (6)

Since you have already purchased online you can go to our website and order this deal. Be sure you click on the six pack for the proper shipping rate.

woot woot ^^ .this. ^^ woot woot

email sent!


Not sure what’s up with the mods tonight,
normally they tag you with the winery and put the logo in your sig.
At least Ms. TT does, but good to see you back here.

Gonna have a mixed red case for us any time soon here or on plus?
And good to see you are getting some of your library up on the site.

Quite honestly, we’re a little short handed. I wish I had time to make an icon real quick, but sadly it’s not a super high priority with our lack of bandwidth. Sorry. :confused:

Well shoot, I stop by WW for five seconds on a pre-bedtime whim and I get sucked into ordering more Pedroncelli…

Looks like another great deal!

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My order has been placed, after talking with the nice lady at your office. Thanks for being so accommodating with us poor folks up here in the frigid north!