Pedroncelli Winery - 4 Pack

Pedroncelli Winery - 4 Pack
$42.99 + $5 shipping
1 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Morris Fay Vineyard, Alexander Valley, Sonoma County
1 2008 Merlot, Bench Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley Sonoma County
1 2007 Petite Sirah, Family Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley Sonoma County
1 2007 Syrah, Ridge Ranch, Alexander Valley, Sonoma County
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Was looking forward to a Black Tie available in KS. :frowning:

Thought the Zin offered from them on a former woot was a good QPR. I’ve never had the wines in the current offering.

Be sure to check out the regular Woot! site

Metrokane Bunny Corkscrew with Foil Cutter and Extra Spiral on for $9.99

Well. This was unexpected! Great juice here! Looking forward to the Alexander Valley Cab, and the Syrah. Try to find a price for any Alexander Valley Cab for under $15. I dare you.

I have had prior vintages of the Petite Sirah, both the 05 and the 06. I may even have a bottle of the 06 kicking around at present…

Simply, if I was not in debt at the moment, I’d back the truck up. I’m in for two regardless. I’m sure RPM will chime in eventually(if he hasn’t already) with the history. Thanks WD and the Pedroncelli people!

I thought the Zin was decent but nothing special. There are obviously other opinions out there, though - I only ended up getting to drink one bottle of the four, as my best friend, given carte blanche to raid my collection in exchange for dogsitting, picked out a bottle of the Pedroncelli every time.

At least your friend can be appeased cheaply. You should go in for this woot just to have some Pedroncelli to appease him when he’s in your wine collection so he doesn’t reach for the more expensive bottles instead.

Heh, well, given the cost of boarding dogs in this town, she’s entitled to whatever she’d like. I’ve only got a couple sacred cows in the lot, anyway, which have been duly pointed out.

Sustainability stuff?

So gift week is officially over. Ah, back to the good 'ol wine.woot.

I haven’t Wooted any Pedroncelli, but FWIW I found a bottle of their 2000 Sangiovese here in NY a few years back, and it was wonderful for the price. I don’t have real notes (I’ve been enjoying wine for decades, but I didn’t get serious about notetaking until I came to Woot), but I remember heavenly dark cherries.

I want this offering, but I’ve had a few too many raised eyebrows from SWMBO, so I need to cool down for a bit.

Please decode…
I have a feeling this will be hilarious!

and also:


I have a feeling but thanks

She Who Must Be Obeyed :slight_smile:

For What It’s Worth

For What It’s Worth


Thought FWIW was
F’in Wench I Wed

I’m curious if anyone paid much attention to laineyhigg’s post in the Cavedoni BV thread?

Dec. 7th & 8th 50% off select Ty Caton Wines

Has anyone tried the 2008 Ty Caton Ballfield Syrah?