Pedroncelli Zinfandel & Petite Sirah (6)

Pedroncelli Zinfandel and Petite Sirah 6-Pack
$79.99 $132.00 39% off List Price
2014 Pedroncelli Petite Sirah, Family Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley
2014 Pedroncelli Zinfandel, Mother Clone, Dry Creek Valley

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Nice offer on some very enjoyable wines. Nice folks, too!

Autobuy…in for 3

Anyone know if the PS is the same as the Bonus Level?

Posted specs are identical: Alcohol: 14.1%, pH: 3.54, Acid: 0.615
Description nearly identical, except for harvest timing; this seems to have finished a bit earlier than the Bonus Level harvest. They have to be very similar, and in any case (pun intended), you really can’t go wrong with Pedroncelli, especially the Mother Clone Zinfandel, which has been a staple in my cellar for over 30 years. Year in and year out, it’s about the best you can find at the regular retail price. At this price, as WD likes to say, a screaming deal!

Made my first trip to pedroncelli this winter and really enjoyed both of these wines in the tasting room. Can’t go wrong at this price.

Dammit wine woot, quit tempting me!

//whispers You waaaaaaaaant it!

Despite the consistent price creep. Gotta have it

Tie your shoes a little tighter and step up! P.U.S.H. T.H.E. B.U.T.T.O.N.

Nice! I haven’t even been drinking wine for 30 years!

Thanks. I think I’ll grab my walker and head off into the sunset now…

Agree. The Zin was offered at $9 per a few months ago. Ped is good wine but the QPR on WW is diminishing IMO

Recommend window on the PS?

it’s a big wine. Drinking window now through 2024 I’d say.

Pretty sure that’s wrong. There was a second label offer of Canyon Creek for about that price, but you had to buy a case. 6 pack of Mother Clone has been $75.

Ed, how similar is this to the Woot Bonus Level you made for us?

Welcome back!

They are very similar wines. They may vary by a percentage point or two in the final blend.
This is a big wine-but less elbows and knees than previous vintages. Use a bottle as the braising liquid in your next braised beef dish. You won’t be disappointed!