Pedrozo Black Butte Reserve, 2 Count

Pedrozo Black Butte Reserve, 2 Count

Is each piece 16 oz or 8 oz?

“(2) - Black Butte Reserve 16 oz.”

That would be 2 16oz packages.

Great cheese! I bought a 9-lb wheel for $72 back in March, 2019 from Woot! I have 4-lbs left at the moment. It is mainly eaten, as we generally do not cook with it. Late evening with wine, fruit, and/or charcuterie, it can’t be beat. Tasty, but not overpowering, it plays well with others.

It is a fine melting cheese. I served it among several others as part of an assortment for raclette, which included an imported French raclette (stinky) cheese. My son, who usually favors the French raclette cheese, asked specifically what kind of cheese this one was as he seemed to really like it.

I keep what remains of the wheel vacuum sealed (FoodSaver) and refrigerated. This way mold is not an issue. BTW the rind is edible.

Though these two pounds are roughly twice the price per pound of what I paid, one has to consider whether one has enough space in a frig for a large wheel, or whether you have folks to share that much with. That being said, these two 1-lb wedges are probably more convenient for most people. I would jump on another 9-lb wheel, however, in a heartbeat.

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Anyone at all familiar with these cheeses should head over to their site. Currently you can get a 1/2 wheel there (4 to 4.5 pounds) for only $45. or a 1/2 wheel of this & a 1/2 wheel of their original “Northern Gold” for $85. But then again you will definitely need cheese storage space…
And a “seal-a-meal” is definitely recommended.

It’s hard to buy any product with “reserve” in the name. Clearly it’s not reserved. Not only is it publicly available, but it’s discounted. Everyone knows that they’re lying, but let’s break out the credit card and give them some money.