Pedrozo Black Butte Reserve 2lbs

Pedrozo Black Butte Reserve 2lbs

Natty Ice can make good chili and this should pair up nicely

What are those balls in the photo?

Potatoes or plums?

I bought this when it was on Woot a year ago. I found it to be okay, not extraordinary enough to order again, but if you like cheese along this profile it’s a good one to try. Here are my tasting notes:

This one grew on me. The texture, I loved from the start. It’s very much a hard cheese, quite toothsome, with a rind that’s a bit harder. The rind struck me as almost musty at first–unlike the spring pastures in the description, it was more like old hay. Not horrible, but savory in an unexpected way. That reaction changed as I ate through more of the cheese. First of all, it was great in a poppy seed salad, rind and all. That mellowed the mustiness considerably. Secondly, I began to notice more of the nuttiness, with the caramel coming through in the paste.

So, not like cheddar then?

I learned a long time ago that I’m the type of guy who can describe any cheese with one of two words… Good, or Bad.

They look like figs in the picture.

Looks like a pluot to me


Considering you can currently get 4.5 lbs for $45 direct from the dairy I don’t see how this is all that great a deal. More than double the product for only $10 more. Free shipping is included, as it is on Woot.


Avocado pits