Pedrozo Black Butte Reserve Whole Wheel

Pedrozo Black Butte Reserve Whole Wheel

Will this freeze well?

Is this similar to a havarti?

Good thing they limited it to 10. I would have been tempted to buy more than 90 pounds of cheese at one time.


What’s this like? Texture, aroma, taste - sharp, medium, mild?

I can buy you the other 90#s and ship it to you… ? haha!

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Looking for this?

I got that. Now please tell what it tastes like LOL. :rofl:

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tastes like grass… haha! Sharp Grass! :wink:

Is this a good cheese for down hill cheese wheel chase competitions?


Answers to some questions

Hi there. Here’s more information from the owner:

It does freeze well but we don’t recommend it. Wrap well with plastic wrap and scrape off any mold. Natural aged cheeses don’t mold much.

It is much drier than Havarti but does have a similar flavor profile of aged Havarti. It has a very rich deep flavor profile.

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Butte cheese.


I prefer Toe Cheese… or Cochese… or Cochise… I draw the line at Butte Cheese though

FWIW we bought special French cheese storage bags (they come in sheets too) from Amazon and they extend the life of cheese 5X stored in the fridge. We;ve had cheeses from one vendor going on 5 mos. I bet and no mold, still fresh as can be.

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Too bad one has to buy a whole wheel. I’d be cheesed out after eating a whole wheel.

You need to find friends and family to share with! :slight_smile: