Pedrozo Cheese Northern Gold, 2lbs

Pedrozo Cheese Northern Gold, 2lbs

Has anyone had this cheese? It looks tempting, but I do have a lot of cheese already!


The official website has this cheese at $17/lb. How is the Woot price a discount?

The website listing has it per pound.

You’d need to order 2.

Oh, and shipping is ridiculous on that site. I only get an option for Next-Day Air for an additional $40.

So $74 there vs. $34.99 here.

@qazxswe look at checkout. They offer free shipping with $40 purchase. When I put 2 of the cheeses in my cart it said I was $6from free shipping.

I stand corrected.

That being said, it’s still cheaper on Woot, unless you’re ordering other cheese from them.

Hmm your math is different from mine. $17/lb * 2lb= $34. Don’t go for next day shipping.

It doesn’t let me change it on the site.

Correction: Changing the quantity to 3+ to get to $40+ allows the option for free shipping.

Back to matters at hand. Has anybody tried this cheese?

Impossible. Woot gourmet items are made to order, so this specific cheese hasn’t even been made yet.

On their web site, 9 pound wheels of this and their Black Butte Reserve cheese are on sale for $75 each, with free shipping. Half wheels are $45.

I miss our little cartoons on the new site.

And a few other things, too, but that’s life. Good to see you’re still hanging around!

PS: I bought one of the wheels. I love good cheese.