Peeled Snacks, Paradise Blend, 2.8 oz.

Peeled Snacks, Paradise Blend, 2.8 oz.

Hrrrrm. Sounds tasty.

:w_light: :hammer:

This is like 3 bucks a bag - expensive, but someone “has to buy it”.

For crying out loud
2hrs sleep yesterday
Up all night
Need to install trailer hitch
Need Sleep
Following wootoff to find BOC I won’t get and swore I’d never buy again
Following wootoff to get cpu cooler that both is not longer available and if was then I would miss
Following wootoff to get square Kerdy shower kit (see above)
Following wootoff to get Mavic Mini (see two up)
Following wootoff to drive me batguano crazy.



I was pretty tempted on this one, but the reviews are so vastly different from person to person…