Peerless Faucets By Delta: Δ

Hi there,

I bought the Delta faucet last night but found out I bought the wrong one (order # 4701XXXX). Then I contacted customer service to try to cancel the order but haven’t heard from you . I have already purchased the 2nd faucet (the right one) now and I really want to cancel the 1st order before you ship. Please help me with this because I don’t know any other way to contact you. Thanks!

Unfortunately, if you miss the 15 minute self-cancellation window on your order, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to catch the order before it’s sped off to the FC/vendor as in your case. If you refuse delivery of the package (or work with for a return when you get it), we’ll refund your order when we get it back in. Apologies!

That is really bad. I couldn’t find anywhere saying I could cancel the order and so I emailed you after an hour or so and now I can’t cancel the order? I haven’t had such problem with any other websites? As a matter of fact, I could usually cancel the order w/o contacting the CS if the item has not shipped on other websites. What’s up with that 15-min-window… Now I am not even confident that you will refund me even if you I returned the item to you unopened. I honestly have never experienced such service from anywhere else. And I’m talking about trying to cancel order almost right away. It’s just I never got a response from your CS.

Figures. The one nice magnetic kitchen faucet sells out.

The Peerless P99170LF-BN widespread handles says it has a pop up drain assembly, but in the specs there is no drain assembly listed in the box. Does the drain part come with it?

I bought this item, 4 actually, on Dec. 3rd. FedEx got the info on Dec. 5th, and nothing since then. Tracking available, but it just says FedEx has the info but no estimated delivery. I called FedEx and said they got the info about the item but never received it. WHERE ARE MY FAUCETS??? It has obviously been over the 3-8 business days for shipping, which is really fine since I am not in a hurry, but I would like to know if my items are lost. I did spend over $200 on them!

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