Peet's Coffee Crema Scura Espresso Capsule, 100ct

Peet's Coffee Crema Scura Espresso Capsule, 100ct

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I have seen this picture at least 5 times, and each time I think it’s for High-Quality blank VHS tapes.


They look like chocolate bars to me! I get super excited initially and then the reality of the name and the pod in the image hits me. :laughing:


Anyone know if you can recycle these at home rather than the hassle of collecting the empties and mailing them in for recycling?

If you have a blue dumpster toss them in for recycling. I never heard of sending something in the mail for the same purpose. :thinking:

Edit - See response from @kharre1 below. Nespresso does not accept Peet’s pods. Peets has their own recycling program.

I don’t use these, but according the Nespresso site my local William Sonoma is a collection point. Not that taking a bag of coffee pods to the local mall is any more convenient.

In my area blue is trash, brown is recycling. Yes, I agree it’s backwards. Nothing to do about it other than to point out bin coloring is not universally standardized.

And from what I can tell the coffee pods are not supposed to be placed in the recycling bins, unless you live in New York. I’m guessing it’s because the inner materials (plastic/paper/grounds) can interfere with the recycling processes.

Haven’t found an official statement from Nespresso on why they shouldn’t be placed in curbside recycling, but here’s an article.

Hmmm… capsules on sale of the day of the Blue Origin manned launch… Clever or coincidence?

Golf balls for me…

If you order from Nespresso, you get a recycle bag. Just dump the pods in, get a full bag, and take it to a mailer (UPS) and drop it off. No wait, label is on the bag, and shipping is paid. I use a device to empty mine, recycle the grounds outside on my plants, and send just the empties back.

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For this very same reason is why I use refillable pods and toss in the trash the paper filter with grounds. I like to be able to add the amount of grounds for taste to match the brand of coffee I’m using.

I’m a bit surprised the whole pod thing hasn’t crashed and burned a long time ago. We have hard, clean well water that does not play well with pumps in coffee makers. So pod machines are out.

There are tons of single cup paper or paperless pour over makers you simply place over a cup, put in a scoop of coffee and add water. I microwave a cup of water for 2 minutes while I prep the filter cone and it’s that simple.

How many pods do you use in a day?

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Peets has their own recycling program similar to Nespresso’s. Nespresso will NOT accept Peets coffee pods. These cannot be recycled with standard recycling.

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this is. my first order, but not my first Peet’s coffee for Nespresso! Wonderful Deal!

I’ve been looking for some new coffee to try. Is this stuff pretty good? Flavor is a huge thing for me.

Yes, these pods are regarded as the second best behind the official Nespresso pods but at half the price. The number nine in particular is a medium full body that is not too bitter or dark. If you’re looking for a true Espresso that is the 10 or 11 might be better but personally those are a little bit too better for me. Just like Goldilocks, nine is right in the middle and perfect for me.


How many pods are required for a thermos travel cup. One seems to be watery tasting to me.

Travel mugs vary in size.

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Id agree with you for Kurig pods - which is essentially drip coffee. But Nespresso uses 19 bar pressure to extract coffee goodness (at least this pod shape does the newer Nespresso ones seem a bit of a con) , so you get a much more espresso taste. I dislike drip, tastes dirty water to me and honestly I find the recycle of the pods a non issue. I have a little bit with their recycle bag I fill her up (I know I’m outta coffee) take bag where I buy coffee. Done and done. Very little plastic mostly grounds and aluminum so not too bad for environment. My Nespresso been going strong for 3 years. I don’t think too bad for $60 when I use it almost daily.