Peg Leg Porker Smoke Like a Pro – Pork Edition

Shoot I smoke like a pro everyday. I don’t need this.


please bring back the Handpresso, please! I was so bummed that I missed it this AM.

these are very popular here in the trailer park

Oh my GOD! The description is just priceless! I almost want to buy one because the description made me laugh so hard!

Almost. :wink:

“No doubt your one-handed Googling has led you here”

Always applies to me…

Awesome write-up. Well done Woot! Gods! Well done.

All I want for Christmas is the smoked leg.

Dagnabbit, now I’m hungry.

Got this for my husband’s birthday. He just used it Saturday to do some pulled pork in his electric smoker. Yummy!

Does it make bacon? Glorious, glorious bacon?


love the description!

Hmmm, parts of a meth lab. Interesting

Yuck. This is intended for cooking corpses with the intent of human consumption. Monsters!

If only this product came in human edition…

Wow, I need a thermometer like that to monitor the temperature of my beer while it ferments in the closet. In for 1.

Inexplicably, I love the word “porker”.

X2 lmao