Peg Leg Porker Smoke Like a Pro – Pork Edition

Not for us. We don’t have a smoker, just a BBQ. We also don’t eat pork. 0/2

Great write up! I lol’d.

Loving the new lights! :slight_smile:

Got this for my father as a side Christmas gift. He really liked it, said the final results were very tasty. Plus it’s just handy to have some cooking thermometers around.

I bought one of these sometime ago and used to smoke some pork shoulder. It turned out great. Yes you can use the syringe over again.

Gloves? Two pairs of gloves? Rubber gloves and cotton gloves? This thing really is kinky.

Good brine will have other spices or liquid in the salt water. Tabasco sauce, anyone?

No, that’s the difference between ok BBQ (salt only) and great BBQ (the extra ingredients like pineapple juice, etc).

As a regular smoker and cooker, I just don’t think this is a very good deal at all.

Those types of oven thermometers are very inaccurate. Not to mention you could buy one for like 1.99 at a hardware store.

That’s a tiny bag of chips. You can get a big 5lb bag for like 5 bucks all over the place.

The rubs, brine and everything else you can and should make yourself anyway for pennies.

The meat thermometer is something everyone should have but buy a decent remote one during a wootoff!

Though I have no intent of ordering this product, I must say that this is funniest write up in a long time. Nearly sneezed tea. Thanks woot!

That is some awful-looking weed…

And what makes W00t think stoners don’t like smoked pork?

Hey, hey, hey… smoke pork e’rry day

I got this a while ago from a previous Woot-Off and it turned out to be a good buy for me. The sauce and rubs were tasty enough and the equipment worked well. The wood chips didn’t last thru one big shoulder but I figured they wouldn’t and had extra’s on hand. Comes with great detailed instructions and a nice picture of the Peg Leg guy that owns the company…

Good write up? Or Great write up?

Since the mess on April 1 I’ve suspected that WOOT has jumped the shark, and now I’m sure. $20 for a bag of wood chips and two bottles? Wow.

Agreed, but for someone just starting out, this is a cheap price to pay for some advice on smoking and a couple of tools to add to the collection.

Peg Leg Porker sounds like a good pirate porn name.

Have we ever had a WootOff die on the 2nd item before?

Have we ever had a WootOff die on the 2nd item before?

I also want to know who the hell wears cotton gloves when working with meat??

Especially in this case since the entire time you wear them you’ll be either doing a wet rub or a dry rub, neither of which sound particularly fun with cotton gloves.