Peg Leg Porker Smoke Like a Pro – Pork Edition

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Peg Leg Porker Smoke Like a Pro - Pork Edition
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Looks more like a “Make your own Meth” kit. I bet Missouri is going to light up bright green on this one!


Smokin deal . . . LOL

A pig that good you don’t eat all at once.

eh? lol wheres the bag of crap!


40 bucks on the company’s site…

But does it come with the dirt seasoning?

worthless without a smoker. All this does is encourage people to try to smoke using their grill, which as AB showed us on Good Eats, is pretty much impossible.

When I first saw this I thought Barry Bonds was selling a performance kit on Woot.

WTF lol

Stick a fork in me I am done.

C’mon fat people, buy these up.

Not especially helpful for a vegetarian…

Is it compatible with my Macbook???

And O…M…G…
And WTF?

Oh cool! This is the same one my uncle bought when he wanted to try smoking pork.

He liked it, and the meat tasted great, but he would have liked it to come with different wood choices.

Well worth it for $20!

PORK…SMOKING… I’ll just stay away from this one with a 10’ pole. Too easy.

Where’s my Big Ole Capybara?