Pelican 35-Quart ProGear Elite Cooler


i work outside all summer so i love a good cooler and a lot of the equipment I use are in these type cases but HOLY CARP it weighs 32 lbs !? I mean its the ultimate cooler 10 days ice retention… and I will text my buddy right away who is preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, as for me I’ll stick with my old plastic beat up cooler weighing in @5 pounds

Good deal. I like Pelican coolers better better than Yeti ones, but they do weigh a bit more. This one actually holds over 35 quarts - the closest Yeti would be their “45” (which actually holds less than 35 quarts, they deliberately mislead).

Note that this is a discontinued model. It looks like they’re in the process of redesigning them.

Is the wire basket included in this purchase?

[MOD: Sorry, basket is not included. We’re removing that photo.]

For this price you can get an Igloo sportsman 65 qt at that big warehouse type store owned by wal mart.
I did.

Pretty sure ice retention is THE most important factor to anyone considering one of these.

Can we get it in tan?

pshaw, how about

and $150 to spend on ice?

Sorry, just the color shown.

The biggest factor for me (and I assume many others) is the strength of the cooler. I have one of the rotomolded coolers as well, and I use it as a seat (think about a 200lb person sitting on the cooler, bouncing over waves), as a step, as something to jump up on to pull rods out of the T-top offshore… it can really take a beating. If I accidentally drop it while full, everything stays in it. Ice retention is a bonus, at least for me.

Last year these were 217.25 so saying they are $100 off is a misleading.

Despite being 10qt less, Monoprice’s 25qt one is $129.99.

Their 50qt is $199.99

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Twice as big at the same price

The most important thing I’ve learned this week: The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee is a real thing (

Lifetime warranty on Pelican coolers folks, its posted in the description with a link. That’s a lifetime of having hinges, snaps and handles mailed to you for free after just a phone call. For comparison, the RTIC cooler is only 30 days

Who sells ice 20 miles offshore? Or in the middle of the wilderness?

Some with either a truly terrible or terribly awesome business plan.

Pelican makes awesome coolers I own the 250 quart cooler and I have had times where it will hold ice for 17 days. Not only is this the lowest price I’ve ever seen on the cooler but five dollars shipping is incredibly cheap most places charge $35-$60 to ship the cooler. I just added this one to my collection . FYI one of the major home-improvement retailers ran the cooler on special right after Black Friday for 279+ shipping