Pelican 35-Quart ProGear Elite Cooler

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Pelican 35-Quart ProGear Elite Cooler
Price: $199.99
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1/6/2017 - $199.99 - Click To See Discussion (19 comments)

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this is a terrible product -you can fit maybe a 12 pack in it and weighs like 100 lbs with no wheels-ice melted in mine in 12 hrs-this ain’t no yeti bro

12 hours, huh? I’m calling B.S… Or did you mean to say, “‘like’ 12 hours-”?

seriously -it was liquid in about 12 hrs

I had a Yeti once. It ate my food.

You should contact Pelican & exchange it. Pelican has one of the highest brand reputations out there. Military guys & photographers have been using this expensive brand for many years, and swear by Pelican quality.

Is this thing bulletproof or lined with gold taken from real Leprechauns? Who would pay that much for something like this? I have a Coleman cooler that keeps ice for 12-18 hours, then the water stays cold for almost 24 after that. I think I bought it at target 20 years ago for maybe $20? Seems like you are paying for a name, not actual product functionality. IMHO.

I own one of these (bought from mothership last year for cheaper) and it’s a great cooloer. Cheaper than a yeti and stands up to Texas heat just fine: Pack with beer sat morning, 10lbs of ice only, 95*+ 12hour tailgate and have plenty of ice into the next week where it sits inside a jeep during 95*+ days. My last camping trip i just used 5lbs of ice substitute and maybe 2lbs of ice from home and that meager amount of ice lasted a 4 day weekend trip (again packed in the jeep but temps only into the 80s) with all the food (eggs, cheese, coffee creamer, etc)

Cons: it’s heavy at 20+lbs empty, but bring have a friend help you lift/carry and you’re all set.

I’m usually a shill for Woot but in this case, you can find this cooler for less $ in other places. Here is one:

[MOD: Did you factor in the over $30 in shipping?]

This thing is AWESOME! I don’t know what the earlier poster had put in his to only keep things cool for 12 hours, but I know for a fact that after 7 days in the summer in the bed of my truck (under a black “BackFlip” tonneau cover) I still had ice and extremely cold beer and Pepsi. We have used this to go on fishing excursions into the Canadian wilderness and our Pelican performed like a champ. 7 days at an outpost fishing camp and we still had ice. I gave away all my other coolers after buying mine. The warranty is outstanding and the cooler is a real heavy duty piece of equipment. It is heavy, but the insulation properties require it to be. It’s quite roomy. It holds much more than a 12 pack…It also helps to keep it from “walking away” if I don’t lock my truck. If you’re serious about your cooler; be it for fishing, working outdoors or just for keeping items cool…This is the cooler for you. It’s less expensive than a Yeti; but it performs just as well. It will also serve as a seat or casting platform while in the boat.

Consider that added cost for shipping.

You could try out an RTIC cooler. They’re running a 30% off sale right now. You can get a 45qt for under $125.

Are you saying that you still had ice… IN CANADA!? This product MUST be good!

I’m joking though… I’m sure the product works just fine.

These are truly beast coolers and I’m happy they can be padlocked. Picked up two for Burnng Man and am quite sure they will work great.