Pelican Bay Cocktail Party Pack (10)

Pelican Bay Cocktail Party Pack - 10 Flavors
$49.99 $91.50 45% off List Price
(1) Hurricane Mix 5.5 Oz.
(1) Key Lime Strawberry Margarita 5.5 Oz.
(1) Key Lime Watermelon Margarita 5.5 Oz.
(1) Key Lime Pineapple Mojito 5.5 Oz.
(1) Key Lime Mojito 5.5 Oz.
(1) Key Lime Raspberry Mojito 5.5 Oz.
(1) Key Lime Margarita 5.5 Oz.
(1) Moscow Mule 5.5 Oz.
(1) Peach Passion Sangria 5.5 Oz.
(1) Citrus Punch Sangria 5.5 Oz


Oh, just add booze? Why pay $50 if all I need to add booze to is ice?

seems like a decent idea…except for the whole $50 thing. Really? thats a bit crazy Imo

Somewhere Michael Pollan is trying to figure out why alarms have been going off since the stroke of midnight Central. (In other words, wow, that is a LOT of artificial ingredients.)

Soooo…where are the instructions? I get that they are 5.5 oz mixes…but what do you mix them with and how much? How many drinks does one pack make? Did I just overlook those deets??

Sorry but the ingredients do not sound good and $50 and no booze???


There are pictures of the labels, which suggest that each kit makes 6, 8 oz drinks. As near as I can tell, it’s almost like powdered kool-aid.

As to what you mix it with, these appear to be standard cocktails. Even so, what you mix is provided in the description for each kit (e.g. rum, vodka, tequila, wine depending on the kit).

Seems overpriced to me. If you’re making them on the spot, you’re carrying around 48 ozs of tequila, ice and this powdered mix. If you’re making them at home, why not just make these these things with the real ingredients, or the frozen mixes for that matter.

I just don’t get this.

:frowning: No Booze :frowning: No Buy :frowning:

I was thinking hostesses gifts. I spend about $20 a bottle for wine so 10 for $50 is not a bad idea.

Good idea on the surface, but not sure I want to try for a good impression with a pouch laden with ??? ingredients

give them a try they are delicious …great flavors with or without liquor Yummy

these make great hostess gifts …Feel good about giving as a gift

Gross. The ingredients read like a bottle of kitchen cleaner. Most of “recipes” they even have are super simple to make at home the real way. For example, a Moscow Mule is vodka, bitters, ginger beer, and a lime wedge or two.

This is a helluva a deal. One of these little packages is over $13 at Amazon.

Cute idea, but I have to agree with folks this seems a little pricey. Might make a good hostess gift, but as someone who has received this kind of stuff for Christmas, hostess gift, etc., they don’t get used. I prefer a gift of something I might really use.

These mixes can simply be mixed w alcohol of your choice, water or juice to make a delicious refreshing drink. Enjoy!!

the instructions are on the back of the package -you can mix w alcohol, water, and/or juice
makes six drinks for most -give them a try -delicious !!

Seems like we’re not getting full disclosure. You joined woot yesterday and now your all over this like it’s your job. Is it your job?

Agreed! I Iooked at the Moscow Mule Mix, saw “just add vodka and ginger ale” and thought “But that is a Moscow Mule! What’s the mix for?”

For $50, I would expect to see something better than powdered flavoring and plastic straws.