Pelican M6 Lithium Flashlight

Yes? You had something to say?

To bad it is not LED

Xenon - 82 lumens? 22% off!? It would make a nice pocket heater, that’s about it.

Exactly. This takes expensive CR123s, and has an incandescent bulb. The vast majority of current professional high output flashlights are the new breed of killer LEDs.

Sorry, Woot!, but if you’re going to sell essentially obsolete flashlights, albeit very high quality obsolete flshlights, give us a better deal than 22% off retail!

A bit overpriced considering the quality. Although pelican makes great gun cases there flashlights are a bit lacking. Considering this specific model you can expect beam artifacts, halos and such. Although I am a big fan of lights that use the CR123 batteries I don’t think its being utilized well here. Especially considering this light will only produce 80ish lumens OTF. Hell foursevens preon 2 can produce 160 lumens OTF with no beam issues for $10 more. I am sure this wont make a big deal to most of you but to flashaholics like myself this is a deal breaker. I’ll be saving my money but hey thanks woot for trying.

$32.99 on Amazon. Since when is 20% discount a woot-off worthy deal?

So 1 hour of runtime on $2-$5 worth of batteries? No thanks.

Its $39 with shipping from that seller, but even at that this woot is a no go!