Pellegrini Family Vineyards Milestone - 2 Pack

Pellegrini Family Vineyards Milestone - 2 Pack
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PRODUCT: 2 Pellegrini Family Vineyards Milestone 2 Pack
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Any idea how many cases were produced?

Can we get the % of each of the varietals, please?

Pellegrini Milestone 2006 at Snooth

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Blog: Tasting Pellegrini Family Vineyards (includes the 2005 Milestone)

Hi - Ali from Pellegrini here…

a handful less than 1500 cases were produced in 2006.

A blend of 53% Merlot, 28% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Petite Verdot, 5% Malbec, 5% Cabernet Franc.

Hi Ali. Thanks for jumping in. How about drinking windows for each and stylistic goals for your CA Bordeaux blend?

I’m guessing this Milestone might be a heavy wine…

Nonetheless, any pH / TA acid information?

Just the fact that they’re in Santa Rosa is a huge plus for me. Nothing but success with almost all of the wineries i dropped by on my last trip up north.

Seems like a good deal, about $20 off of retail without dealing with shipping costs.

some tech notes at time of harvest…

Brix 24.8°
TA 6.2 g/l
pH 3.57
Analysis: At Bottling
Alcohol 14.3%
TA 0.571 g/100ml
pH 3.61
Bottled: August 19, 2008

The milestone spent an extra year in bottle and must say it’s drinking very smooth right now, full of bold layers, without rigidness. I’ll have Dan our winemaker pipe in with some age-worthiness notes here for us soon.

What’s the weather like in Santa Rosa? Is it more like Davis type II or III. And where is it anyway?! :slight_smile:

Edit; thank you for the data! What style do you aim at?

Ruh Roh, SIWBM is in jeopardy and a SWMBOWBM looms!

Didn’t have any issues saying no to the last few, but this looks tasty and it’s nearly a bogo…

Must sleep on it…hopefully it’s not like Atlas Peak and won’t be sold out when I wake and check from work.

They’re on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, towards Sebastopol and Guerneville in the Russian River Valley, but I think a lot of their fruit comes from other parts of Sonoma. I have a merlot from there that’s marked as Alexander Valley, although I have to admit that it’s been long enough since I tried it that I don’t remember much about it. According to their website, this one was sourced from the Alexander, Russian River, and Sonoma Valleys.

I don’t remember trying this wine when I was at their tasting room a few months ago, but I came away impressed by them overall, at least enough that I picked up a Merlot and Chardonnay. Super friendly staff, plus tasty wines. I’ve told myself that I have too much wine and too little money for a while now, but this one’s really tempting.

Hi, where are we? The winery is right off of Olivet Rd, west side of 101 in-between River Rd. and Guernville Rd. However, Olivet Lane only grows pinot noir and chardonnay (vines planted in 1975!). Our Alexander Valley property has over 55 acres of Merlot and Cabernet - Cloverdale Ranch. We sourced the Cab Franc, Malbec and Petite Verdot from a small vineyard in Bennett Valley.

Hello wine peeps! This is the winemaker speaking, happy to answer any questions you have!

Russian River Valley is a type II zone though there are portions that verge on type III. The cool, foggy mornings are what really make this vineyard location.

Welcome. Dan! You could look at the questions above and addd your bit to your colleague’s excellent answers. I know there are a couple of parts of qs left out, about things line style and weather. Great to have you take time out to chat!

When we approach the blending for “Milestone” we strive to put together a wine that is well structured yet lush and even sexy. Each variety contributes it’s own layer of flavors, the trick is to achieve this harmoniously…
We wanted to make a wine that people immediately recognized as special, something that you would open for an occasion!

signing off for the night (big day with the family visiting Sonoma County for Thanksgiving!), looking forward to talking Milestone tomorrow. One thing to know, if you are a lover of right bank wines, the Milestone is a slam dunk. It’s a sexy, silky beauty…Dan speaks the truth!

Thanks for chiming in Dan and Ali! Can you talk a little bit about your approach to wine making… your “philosophy”?

Can you talk a bit more about what unique qualities the area brings to this Bordeaux blend?

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