Pellegrini Family Vineyards Mixed Case

Don’t trust the neighbors with the wine? Me neither!

I was going to actually have a spreadsheet for you all today, since I have time for it, but it appears 3 of the 4 wines are not currently listed on the Pelligrini site. Or if they are, I’m just having a heck of a time finding them…


2009 Pellegrini Family Russian River Pinot Noir

Long time Lurker, First time LabRat!! Thank you very much for LabRat-ing us. On hearing the news, the wife upgraded our dinner from leftovers-with-the-kids to ciabatta-and-manchego-for-adults-only. For what its worthy, my wife and I are casual wine consumers and we prefer Cabs to Pinots and Reds to Whites. The closest thing to a cellar in our home is the hall closet where a bottle of our favorites might, at the extremes, go a year without being drunk (e.g. Monkey Prize).

Upon opening the Pellegrini, our initial impressions were: light rosy coloring, woody aroma, an acidic but otherwise muted flavor, and a terrible head-ache inducing ambiance (the kids were in full-psycho mode).

Everything improved with time and aeration. We read several accounts on line that indicate “strawberries drizzled with balsamic vinegar” but our best guess for the pleasantly deepening aroma would have been cherries and something floral, perhaps roses. The flavor also seemed to mature, becoming bolder over 30-40 minutes. The kids went to bed.

Our second glass was enjoyable despite the moody return of our sleep-deprived three year old. I think this is just about the right price point (~10$/bottle) where we would be consider buying it in the future, although its not something we would rate among our favorites.

I find myself torn on this one. The offering sounds good, the reviews are mixed. If that questionable blend were replaced by more pinot or merlot I would most likley push me in. Zins are not my favorite but I do not mind getting varietals in a mixed case as I just may not have met the right one yet.

The other factor is price. It is not a big difference but this would be a much better deal at $10 or less per bottle. Right now, with tax and I always factor that into a decision, this sits at $12 for me. Perhaps if some are left for the next woot off and they reduce the case price by $20 to $25 I would go for it even with the blend in there.

Perfect would be $99 with no blend in my opinion. Was really hoping for another outstanding Friday offer after missing the super value last week.

Just clicked the gold button. I enjoyed all the Pellegrini wines from the last offering. Drank the last merlot yesterday…very timely offer. Thanks Woot!

Awww get better!

Taxes are already paid by the winery. You don’t need to factor that in. $11/bottle.

From Wine.Woot FAQ:

No there is no residual sugar, all of our wines are fermented dry.

Our cab and merlots are aged in one third new oak, which is a mix of American and French barrels.
The Pinot and Chardonnays are all aged in on third new French oak exclusively.

I took over winemaking at Pellegrini Vineyards in January. The previous winemaker and I made wine together for three years at this facility. My focus has been and continues to be to maintain our house style vintage after vintage.

Our N.V blend was bottled in Febuary 2011

I was going to buy this offer. Now I’m not. FedEx tried to deliver my case of Triacipedis 2 this morning, and no one was home to sign for it. Now, they tell me that I have to wait until Monday for redelivery or pickup!!! It will sit in a warehouse over the weekend. In the past, I was able to pick it up at the FedEx warehouse after work, and I was always able to do that with UPS. I’m really, really mad right now, and I can’t in good conscious buy something that will support FedEx!

Woot, please switch back to UPS.

I’ve made it a point to form a friendship with my FedEx and UPS drivers. I have their cellphone numbers and I can always meet them somewhere along their route. They also usually end up at a FedEx/Kinkos or UPS Store near the end of their route and can be found there around the same time each day. So perhaps you could still have the driver tracked down and meet him (or her) somewhere to get your wine before it cooks.

Woah. When did Woot use UPS? Maybe they have been using FedEx for so long, I just assumed they always have, but I don’t remember ever getting a Woot UPS shipment. I could be mistaken. I also think FedEx is subpar (for a lot of non-woot related reasons), but it is part of the deal. Oh well.

Doesn’t that sound a bit ambitious? I have high hopes about the Truchard offering, which would be the greatest deal I have seen on woot if it turns out to be okay-to-good wine. Great would be unbelievable, but I am trying to be realistic.

I know wineries are trying to get capital in this economy and are parting with wines for great prices, but I am not expecting 100 bucks for a case, delivered, of wine on a regular basis. The Truchard offering appeared to be a not-in-demand varietal, from a good grower, that they were “dumping” to get their name out. I don’t expect to see many of those.

First time wine.woot buyer. My wife and I like to drink mostly red wines, so after reading the comments the offering looked pretty good I decided to give it a go. Will report back when we’ve tried them.

Welcome & Enjoy the Wines!

I completely agree. But I might still be on the fence unless they also shipped me some heralds to blow trumpets and nymphs to feed me grapes while I drank the wine. Or since we are dreaming, maybe they could just sub out the blend for 3 bottles of Chateau Petrus. I would definitely be in for that :wink:

I always go online after getting the shipping notice and have the delivery re-routed to the fedex/Kinkos near my house. That way I just pick it up on my way home from work and don’t have to worry about it sitting on my porch or in a warehouse.


Pellegrini Eight Cousins Vineyard, Russian River Zinfandel

Put it in my wine fridge for a bit, popped it and poured through the Vinturi…

I’m not very experienced with Zins, so I called a friend to come over, who just so happens to collect Zins. Here are our collective notes: Very tight, and we’re not getting much on the nose at first other than alcohol. Eventually it opens up a bit, and I’m getting some cherry’s on the nose and friend is getting cherry and “other” fruit as well. I take my first sip and I’m shocked that the mouth feel is so smooth, and surprisingly there is very little spice/pepper on the mid pallat. I’m getting flavors of cherry, raisins/figs, and although there is hardly any finish, I’m pleasantly surprised with this wine. I have never really liked Zins, but this one is so easy to drink. Does it compare to a top of the line Zin? Of course not. Is it a great deal for the price? YES! My only knocks on it are that it was a little bit disjointed, but despite that, it’s a very drinkable wine.

We had some meats and cheeses with it, but honestly this is a Zin you could sip by itself, although I can picture pairing this with BBQ or something like that. It’s not super spicy or over the top. It’s a subtle wine, and most importantly it’s not too sweet. Overall I thought it was ok, but I’m sure there are plenty of peeps out there that will really enjoy this wine. I wanted to try another glass last night, but I have to wait until tonight to give it another go…training for a triathlon, so I can only have one glass a night. I’ll let you guys know if the wine is any different tonight.

Thank You Woot for letting me be a rat :wink:

Excellent advice…I’ve also developed a good relationship with our FedEx guy, and he goes out of his way to make sure that I get the wine in a timely manner. If he can’t find me at work, he knows how to track me down, and vice versa. Great customer service that I really appreciate.

My recollection of the last case offer was that it was good wine and the price was great. My standouts were the Pinot, Cab and Merlot. I remember the Zin and NV being my least favorite but still worth their cost and the Chard being pretty good.

I’m going in on this offer since any time I can get a good Pinot under $15 that’s a win for me and I know the other wines on offer are fair values in their own right (although these particular Zin and NV bottlings will be new to me).