Pellegrini Unoaked Russian River 2009 Chardonnay - 4 Pack

Pellegrini Unoaked Russian River 2009 Chardonnay - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 2009 Pellegrini Vineyard Russian River Valley Chardonnay
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I agree with one of the CT comments that it did taste like something was funny with the MLF. I didn’t care for this but a bunch of my family liked it.

I know this wine very well, been drinking it (and selling it) for years.

The 2009 vintage is just about a perfect example of pure Russian River Chardonnay. Very bright acidity, popping fruit & does not go under any malo fermentation either. This is in contrast to their Olivet Lane Estate Chardonnay - same vineyard & fruit though.

unfortunately these folks didn’t know this is an unoaked chardonnay. no butter or sweetness in the chardonnay at all.

I like how “unoaked” was added to the title (for I do not see it on the bottle label), as if to say, “Don’t worry, wooters, it’s not buttery!”

from the Pellegrini website:

…the grapes for this wine are harvested earlier, whole-cluster pressed, fermented and held in stainless steel tanks and it does not undergo malo-lactic fermentation.

Stats at bottling date:

pH: 3.21
Alc: 14.5%

If only it were OAKED!

I just happen to be one of “those” that really likes buttery and oaked Chards. Passing on this one and praying for more Fat Arsed Chards!!

killin’ me softly now. chatter all summer from Wooters! wanting unoaked chards and there we go off and find one of the best in the Russian River AVA.

Woot-off spoiler:

Looks like the Humanitas 2007 Week Farms Syrah will be showing back up very soon. Three bottles for 44.95 (from my Facebook feed)

darn wooters! first they want it unoaked, then they want it oaked, then they just want bags of crap instead. finicky bunch.

oh bring back your Almost Famous signature, my very favorite!

In for one, let’s move this along!

well, since it is possibly the best movie ever, i’ll bring it back. glad that there is someone else here with good taste :slight_smile:

Come on WOOT, the state of Maryland FINALLY is allowing wine to be shipped in via mail. Get the license, and let’s get down to BUSINESS!!

I’m in for one just to find out if I like unoaked chardonnay. I drink about one or two bottles of white wine a year, so this should last me for a while.

I like either kind of Chardonnay if it’s well done (by well done, I don’t mean cooked in the back of a UPS truck).

I have quite a bit of the light weight stuff on hand, so buttery goodness is what I’m after!

Hmm might have to go open a bottle for dinner…in order to make a decision if I want more then.