Pellet Grill Smoker Digital Temp Control

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Is the warranty only 90 days? Reviews on Amazon mention that it’s a full year.



So this might sound stupid, but is it fully electric burning? or is there also a propane connection?

Tried to look at the manual but it isn’t loading.

Hi, the pellets are what burn and give the heat much like charcoal for a charcoal grill. The electricity is to start the pellets and to turn the screw that supplies pellets from the hopper to where they burn.

The nice thing about this is the control you can have by the rate that pellets are added to the fire.

You will have to buy pellets for the fuel.

Added: I had the same problem as you when I tried to download the manual. Anyone know where to get a copy?

Not sure if this is the same model my son has, but I know that he paid about 1K for his.,. It is electric with a remote. you have to buy the pellets. and have a rain free zone. His is Badass!!!

What do you mean by “rain free zone” does it not weather well? also how well does this work as a standard grill replacement? could i use this as a replacement for a gas grill and also use it as a smoker when i want to smoke stuff?

(i know it’s a smoker but it also says grill on it, and while i want a smoker i also need a new grill, would love if this can do both)


If it is anything like the camp chef dlx (and looking at the control box it is) you have multiple options.

“Low Smoke” is I believe around 225 degrees and smokey. “High Smoke” is 275 and smokey. Beyond that you have a temperature setting ranging up to ~450. When using that setting you will get cooked meat with a slight smokiness.

That being said, recommends that for things like steaks you have have a cast iron skillet to get the malliard effect on the outside of the steak (basically the sear)

With my Traeger pellet grill, it does both. This should do both also. Its primary function is a smoker, but you can use it as a grill. If you go on Traeger’s website, you can get a lot of different recipes as well. Happy smoking/grilling!

Here is the manual for those having trouble downloading it

This is for the s not the ls sorry.

Here’s a link to the setup video:


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I have 3 outdoor cookers at both our homes.

  1. Gas Webber
  2. Charcoal Webber 22" and 26"
  3. Pellet smokers (Traeger & Rectec)

Electricity is used to control temp, feeding of pellets and to get it started but the fuel is wood not electricity!

I have had the Traeger pellet smoker for about 8 years (this one looks very similar) and it did a good job.

The one shown here would be a great starter smoker but I would never use my pellet smoker to sear steaks for two reasons:

  1. It doesn’t get hot enough
  2. It would waste a lot of pellets

I use my pellet grills year round (in the winter I put a furniture pad over them). I love my Rectec my Traeger is OK…it all comes down to construction and temp controls.

If you are looking to jump into trying to make ribs the easy way, this is the way to go and at the cost you can’t go wrong.

The pellets are easy to find just look at your ACE or TrueValue Hardware stores.

Enjoy and have fun!!

Damn - I wish this would have been offered before I threw $120 in the garbage on that Masterbuilt smoker that has no chip feeder and a thermostatic control that’s as stable as Michael J. Fox.

This looks like a good deal.

We have had a Green Mountain Grill (also a pellet grill) for about three years. I can come home from work, pop the cover off it, and be grilling a wood-smoke infused hamburger that you’d kill for in under 20 minutes. Once I’m done cooking, turning it off takes a few seconds, and then I let it cool while we eat. I’ve had to clean out the ash about once every other bag of pellets - and I can grill at 350 for about five hours continuously on a single bag. I stocked up on pellets at Costco last year - they had them in single wood varieties, which is great. You can also get blends. For someone who grew up with a grill loving dad and grandad, but who isn’t obsessed enough to spend the time they did but loves the food, it’s an amazing purchase.

I know someone with this smoker.

They love it.

This looks like a Traeger Li’ Tex knockoff. I use my trager all Spring/Summer/Fall. Pretty much use it to smoke ribs and pork butt, but also use it for anything that an oven would be used for. Does burgers OK, but steaks, not so good, doesn’t get hot enough.

Pellets are typically priced to be competitive with propane, so you don’t lose/save much money compared to propane.

The grille also has a blower that keeps the pellets burning.

I wouldn’t ever use a smoker to get a sear. Spend a few bucks and get a torch they are amazingly handy.

Propane makes heat. Pellets make heat AND smoke. The latter being rather critical for a smoker. Not really a comparison point.

Pellets are cheap in bulk.

I have the traeger version of this and I cook pretty much anything on it. It makes the best burger you ever put in your mouth. I cannot keep people away from the pork butt, and hot dogs have new meaning. I have also made breakfast on this grille as well as pizza. What I like about this is that it does not over smoke the food. It adds the perfect amount and a deep smoke ring.