Peltier Station Lodi Petite Sirah Three-Pack

Peltier Station Lodi Petite Sirah Three-Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
3 Peltier Station 2005 Petite Sirah Lodi

Lodi PS? I’m in for a taste.

First sucker: shh64
Speed to first woot: 0m 6.047s

Last wooter to woot: Corrado

Got mine on the way. Just got my 400 bottle cooler, ready for action!!!

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Lowell must have fainted.


Looks promising, probably in for at least one, any info on this label? I have loved all PS from ww…


but: AAARRRGGG!!! JUST missed first wooter status. oh, well…



I just wanted to say that I purposely did not try to be first sucker tonight just cause if anyone deserves it, it is Loweel. LOL!

on edit: Damn, they didn’t get it!

winery link…

GAH! I missed the Superfecta! In for three. Waiting for Loweeel to tell me I need to gift another three… [/plug for the PSychos to LabRat]

Damn this slow satellite connection I have to deal with! Both shhh64 and Corrado beat me to first sucker.

Much as I enjoy a good Perite Sirah (and this one does indeed appear to be quite good), I just don’t have a need for three of them. Poor college students need variety!

Ditto. And in for sure …

Shhh beat the other me by about half a second. I didn’t even bother to click on three. Stupid IE. I get to email service though.

… and I might have had my labrat turn, but my other identity hasn’t (if that’s allowed!)

I just shipped two cases home from Lodi on Friday, but no PS. Here we go…in for one. I am out of real estate for wine.

Oh Labratty sorts – I’m both interested and qualified, and probably know Lodi more intimately than anyone around, given that I am there 5 days/mo

Oh lord, I can not wait to try these.

CellarTracker has quite a bit of information in their ‘Wiki’ (on the winery page linked in my first post above). Average CT score just over 90 points with a CT average price over $18/bottle.

I was in early and kept refreshing to see who got first sucker. By my calculations, by the time the first statistics were posted there were 13 orders - 2 for 3, 3 for 2 and 8 for 1. Congrats to shhhhhhhhhhhhh

dearest WD,

PLEASE, oh, PLEASE make me a La Brat this week! i have sampled many a fine PS, but NOT this one. i am home-bound this week, making it the PERFECT week for me to La Brat, don’t you think?

your humble La Brat hopeful,


Alright, just read the description and I have a real question.

What is the significance of, "Fermentation: two weeks at a constant 80 degrees F? " Is that hot for wine? Normal? How does it change what I get from the grapes?

Might as well also ask what the cellar life is on this? 3 bottles so definitly will be able to space them out if I decide to go in on this.

Trust me, that’s not true. These are GREAT. And especially at this price. You’ll hate yourself later if you don’t go in on it. Worst case scenario, pawn a bottle off to a friend (and I say a friend, because you’ll want to go steal it back when you try this)