Pen Haxico 2

Spine-tinglingly amazing!

What’s really really really (add a lot more reallys) horrible, is I can see some producer pitching this, and some TV Station buying it.


They sure are getting a lot of mileage out of that P derby…

The shirt is gorgeous, but I never thought I’d want to unread a write-up so bad. I’m traumatized by the travesty of it all!

And yet, when you consider how Hollywood tends to “update” existing properties to the point that they are unrecognizable from their original incarnations (I Spy anyone?), it almost seems plausible.

I wouldn’t be averse to a US Doctor Who if and only if the tardis was black and had a scanning red light bar like KITT.

Congrats on a fantastic looking tee, Omar.

The funniest part: “or express any emotion whatsoever.” (Either that or the fact that Gregory J. Bonann really is exactly who the write-up says he is.)

Another of my fond memories shattered! Dr. Who without a Police call box/tardis? How will this work? Won’t it raise some eyebrows in LA when he goes crawling into a cellphone? There is not two square feet in LA that is not covered by cameras and/or casual passers-by. And Daleks will always be Daleks! Rainbow vacuums with toilet plungers, not hot babes! Remember that the whole premise is that the show covers ALL of time, if there really were hot-babe-Darleks, they would have shown up in earlier BBC episodes.

Having vented properly, I can say that this is a really cool design for a T-shirt, and if I weren’t an old codger, I would have to get one for myself immediately. Maybe if you printed this on a Polo shirt? T-shirts don’t look good on me, regardless the graphic.

The odd part is an attempted Fox version of Doctor Who is already a thing (Paul McGann), and the “American version ruins Doctor Who” gag was done in Community (Inspector Spacetime).

I was really hoping for the brightness of the magenta around the planet like the picture shows, but when I received my shirt it’s just a dull pink. I still like it, but I don’t “love” it because of that reason. :frowning:

Oh man, sorry. You’re welcome to send a pic of the print you received to CS, along with your order info; they can check into it.