nice design idk bout the white but i think im in

pretty cool, but reminds me of the portland trailblazers

I like the design, I will not buy due to the color. That’s happened to me like 5 times in these last 2 weeks, at least

design is too big

At first i thought it said penicillin, then i looked at the shirt confused for a while. Then realized that it said pencildelic!

Magical Mystery Tour on a w00t shirt! Pass.

Rikki B is awesome, and so is this shirt. It is almost enough to make me reconsider my vendetta against white shirts. Almost. (I might be buying one tomorrow anyway, if they’re still available)

Maybe if it wasn’t on a white shirt…

I cna’t see starihgt nwo

No thanks on this one. But it definetly makes me think one word:


any girls on here? help me out tell me what you think haha i cant figure out if i like it or not… especially considering its a T SHIRT. oof, no style only design

I think thats what Umpa-Lumpa vomit looks like…

Better save that $10 for tomorrow night’s.

That is one insanely busy shirt.

if only it was black!

condition: Swirly


Interesting idea, I like the pencil look, but too busy for me. And on a white? Too many already.

blah why a white shirt =\

Far, far too busy. Shirts should be simple and iconic, not a map of the London Underground.