Can the chain be removed from the circle pendants or is it attached at the back?

From the manufacturer:
Absolutely, the chains can be removed completely and can be put right on!

White gold plated? Assuming it’s not solid white gold…

Are the chains 10K gold or just the pendants?

It is against federal law if it isn’t solid 10k gold and sold as 10k gold.

Are these really 12mm in diameter? That’s less than half an inch. To fit that many gemstones in such a small diameter they would have to be really tiny. Wish there was a photo with something to provide the scale of the necklace.

Looking specifically at the mystic topaz one - it appears to be about 2/3" diameter if my metric conversion is right. Am I right in assuming that’s to the outside of the stones?

I don’t like large pendants, but does that seems rather tiny for a circle? Hmm…

EDIT: Sarah’s post came in as I was typing mine, guess I’m not the only one here.

Can we get an approximate width for the pendants? I’d like to know about how big it is before I buy one.

Personal Stargate pendant.

Just saying…

Question about the aquamarine…the picture looks like they’re white/clear? Is it a listing error, bad light on the photograph…?