"Penguin Party" Winter Neck Gaiter

"Penguin Party" Winter Neck Gaiter


Reminding yourself to pick up one?


If that were the case, I’d have added this product page to my forum bookmarks.

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It’s kind of cute, but it’s also kind of expensive.

But the person in the picture is wearing purple!

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She’s not my type.

It’s the eyes.



But she’s cute. Well, half of her is, anyway. She could look like Shrek on the lower half, for all I know.


I think the penguins are cute although I usually don’t care too much for them.

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Penguins are jerks.

(But not like all of the other lifeforms on this planet.)

Talking penguins are the worst.

You would prefer that they just walk up to you and stare mutely at you?


I’ll check the bus schedule.

Don’t bother, I won’t be here.

There’s nothing wrong with Shrek.

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Shrek is quite lovely when taken as a whole. But mash him up with the woman’s face and it might look a bit odd.

Just sayin’.