Penguin Suit

Fun fact: if you want to use this to infiltrate an antarctic population of penguins, you don’t need it. They don’t see many people, and will probably think you are just an ugly penguin.

However, the snazzy bow tie might score you some points with the penguin ladies.

I love penguins! This shirt makes me so happy!

odysseyroc, this is as awesome today as it was in Costume Derby. Congratulations on the print!

Penguins are funny. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Holy cow. 9 minutes in and Women’s Small is sold out.

I’m completely surprised that this got an EC. Thanks, Woot! I was pretty bummed about watching my Fighting Irish get completely embarrassed it tonight’s BCS National Championship game, but this totally erases that!

We’re out of WS Black at the moment. Sorry. :frowning:

A little sharpie job and walking on your hands could transform this shirt into an amazing edvard munch scream shirt!

Grats on the EC man!

Perfect timing – the company winter party is Friday and formal attire is required.

I see a most kid-friendly winner here.

Aside from the clever designs he does, I think part of the reason I enjoy seeing an Oddroc print is how happily surprised he always seems over his getting printed.

Congrats man, well done.

So this just means that if I wanted a WS I’m SOL and have to just hope that maybe I’ll be able to get this for $15 later? That’s quite the bummer…

Great design! Congrats, Tony!

nice! congrats Tony!

Bow ties are cool.

Gratuitous Dr. Who reference.

That shirt is so stinking cute!!!

Holy Cow! A shocking development to see a “costume” shirt, however clever, print in January.
Congrats Odd Rocks!


Linux users… you know you want one. I have got to get one to wear to the next Ubuntu event. It’s a formal affair.

I absolutely love this shirt and am sooooooo glad it made it as an Editor’s Choice because I was wishing I had 10 more votes last week when I saw it on the Derby.