Penn Conflict II Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Conflict II Spinning Fishing Reel

Too bad it’s a size 8000; you’ll go broke putting braided on this without mono backing at 525 yards of 15 lbs mono, so like, 600 yards at 60 lbs mono. Good luck putting 15-30 lbs braid on this.

Daiwa BG is overall just a better fishing reel in all capacities and it costs less than the conflict II. This is just an undisputed fact in the fishing world that the Daiwa BG is impossible to beat at the $100-$150 mark.

This is typically a $210-$250 reel but I don’t know too many people fishing with an 8000 long cast anything.

Description says 8000lc, but photos are of the 6000lc. Can you confirm which model is being sold?

Pic I see is of the 4000. Why can’t they get the right pic of the product they’re selling?

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Stock photos rarely have all the models for all the sales.

8000 is an absurd size. No one is carrying stock photos of it. Most vendors won’t even try to sell it. 1000-6000 is usually what people are aiming for.

Most peoples arms aren’t going to like tossing an 8k. The reel is 1.5lbs in weight, add on 525 yards of 60 lbs braid to fill it, and then add a large rod for whatever monster you’re hunting and you’re gonna get tired fast.

To compare I am casting off the beach with a 2500 and some gulp bait and tossing a 6000 with a beach rod for longer casts.

This is a hell of a deal price wise for a Long Cast in large size. This would sell out immediately in any reasonable size.

I posted it a few places where buyers are sitting, hopefully they snatch this up so re-sellers don’t.

The 8000 is for surf and jetty, which a long cast is pretty much designed for. This isn’t meant for every day applications. It’s meant to be used for a specific purpose.

Almost every person I know who would be interested in this will grab the Daiwa BG instead. I haven’t met anyone yet who would pay full price for a conflict over a BG.

Now at $99, you’re in BG range. So I can see people buying this. I expect it will sell.

The conflict ii in 8000 actually weighs less than the bg in 6000 and holds more line. Along with the bg only having that cast zinc main gear, this is definitely the better reel.

All brands are different sizes, I meant I throw a Penn in 6000 and 2500.

New…in box? I know, it says in the box. That could be any box.

…but then, everyone you know is using a twig with a cord and a safety pin tied to the end.

Good morning all. As noted on the photos, the photo is incorrect but the features.specs are correct.

Able to reach blitzing blues with ease reeling them in is a lot easier (5 to 10LBS. pounders) So LIGHT FISH ALL DAY (10 to 12hrs.) NO PROBLEM!!!

Just received mine, and it’s totally great, very very very lightweight, and while the spool bail is quite large overall this is not oversized for a surf fishing reel. Super pleased.

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That is awesome mate! Upload some pictures! Love to hear you enjoyed this.