PENTAX 16MP Optio 18X Optical Zoom

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PENTAX 16MP Optio 18X Optical Zoom
$139.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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“White” looks like light silver in the photo.

And “Orange” looks more like red to me.

And here’s a review from about a month ago:

Here is the user manual

[youtube=umAqtJVn8c8] [/youtube]
HSN Demo and they wanted 200 for it at time of airing.

Black, orange, white or silver?

The orange looks red, and the silver looks pink to me…

Really good price for optical zoom (which doesnt reduce image quality), and yes, it is brand spanking new.

Love Pentax cameras and this one has some really detailed reviews … hard to find a flaw except that it’s a bit bulkier than expected.

I already have a camera, but I don’t have an “orange” camera. Hard to lose, and highly unlikely to be stolen.

Wow… apparently people have problems picking out the color of camera.

Undecided person #1

Undecided person #2

Undecided person #3

Undecided person #4

Undecided person #5

Undecided person #6

Engadget Info

hmmmm Amazon seller has it for Brand New in the box + a case and a 4 G card! and even throw in a new tripod! though dulcie review is not good

the Amazon review here

seems interesting…

had a pentax for years. flawless cameras save that they are ugly!!! this looks a great buy considering they’re new.

a couple more reviews …
seems like mostly they like it!

everything is good. except for the lens

This is better than the 3 cameras I have. One of them is a Pentax from about 8 years ago. Too bad I cannot justify buying another.

LOL @ “quicly”. (in the “Discussion on today’s woot” box on the home page)

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Da Egg has this in black only for $230. No reviews.

Could you explain why optical zoom doesn’t reduce image quality? I’m just learning about all this and would like to understand more. Thanks!