PENTAX 16MP Optio 18X Optical Zoom

$122 with free shipping on Amazon. 30 day free return policy there.

It’s not that I don’t believe you, but it’s a lot easier for us to fact check when you provide a link with the price comparison.
Edit I found the amazon links:122 Free shipping for red, 140 Shipped for white, 127 shipped for red

Here is a pretty decent review from gadget speak

Here it was during a previous woot-off

Here was the first time it was up for sale

I come with some more goodies.

Here is a flickr with pictures shot with this camera

The Manual for this camera (Upped to google docs for easy viewing, it took me 5 minutes for me to download this from the slow source)

Unboxing video.

An in-depth review by photography blog is here:

Which includes handy sub pages such as:

Nice summary page:

The rivals page offers potential alternatives if you think this camera isn’t up to par:

Would I be nuts to buy this for my son’s 8th birthday? He’s been using my old Canon Powershot G3 for the past year, taking good care of it, and coaxing some decent pictures out of it at times. But it’s getting old (going on 10 years) and finicky.

Does this camera come with the SD card???
Any negatives I should know about in advance??

[MOD(TT): It does not come with an SD card.]

Specifications are slightly jumbled as far as optics. It is an 18x optical zoom, for a range of 4.5mm to 81mm, equivalent to 25mm to 450mm as 35mm.

Numbers were all there, just wasn’t computing for me.

Nice work, CowboyDann & bwillette!

From $140 in April to $120 WootOff to $100 now is a rapid price drop. Perhaps explained by this:

According to,
“Pentax Ricoh Imaging announced last week that they will no longer make point-and-shoot cameras under the Pentax brand, according to Japanese site Digicame-info. It’ll be business as usual for Pentax DSLRs and mirrorless system cameras, and Pentax Ricoh imaging may continue to release point-and-shoots under the Ricoh brand name.”

Nice reviews, and if you need an inexpensive gift or back-up camera this would be a good choice.

The killer for me is the lack of zoom in video mode. That plus I need an upgrade, not a backup.

I have this camera. It is small, takes nice pics and so far does what it should. It is simple to use, takes good pics, and is priced good.

The other camera I own is a Canon G3. It is better, only too big.

I have a G3 and this camera. They are two different cameras. The one offered is a very simple point and shoot. The G3 has a lot more functions on it and is a good camera to learn on before dropping some money on a DSLR. If your son knows all the in’s and out’s of the different settings on the G3 he may be bored with the pentax. The pro’s for me are it has more zoom, better video,and is small.
Cons are the close up shots, no time lapse. I use the pentax more now only that I am still figuring it out.

Thanks to the US Postal Service’s ‘bad decision’ on mailing items with lithium batteries, they defaulted on $5.5 billion.

Maybe if they would have buckled to let personnel at APO addresses order those iPads, cameras and watches they wouldn’t have this problem.

Bought one when it was last on woot. Total failure. Worked for a few days then completely died the next time I used it.

The manufacture didn;t want to honor the warranty. Claim woot was not a valid reseller and that the camera could have been a open item for all they know.

Not worth the headache.

I’m sorry you had trouble with Pentax warranty service. They do carry the warranty. Any time you have trouble like that, email so they can help.

I’ve forwarded this message to CS for assistance.

I know. We hate it too!

Soo, camera wizards out there could you give me some advice. Should I drop the 100 here, or drop another 100 on a first gen ILS like the GF2 or E-PL1?

Before you ask: No, this class of camera does not have a large enough aperture to take inside action-freezing shots of little Johnny making the game winning basketball shot in the high school gym.

I bought one of these during the $120 woot-off and it’s been great. It survived bouncing around in my pocket for a 10-day trip through the US southwest and took some amazing shots with that 18X zoom. Using the landscape enhance mode the pictures look like a post card. I carried a spare battery with me but didn’t need it because it seems to run forever. No regrets here…

I always like your camera comments but must it always be “little Johnny” how about “little Jenny” now and again just to change it up.

I purchased this camera last time it was on Woot. We are planning to take it on our upcoming trip. I’ve been using it around the house and at parties and have had no problems. It’s a nice size to fit in the pocket and is a simple point and shoot with a serviceable zoom as well as the shake reduction. The smile recognition can be wonky, but you can turn it off. It looks to be a good portable choice to take on the rides when we hit FLA in a few weeks.