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I wish I had $2000 lying around right now for me to spend! That K3 with the 31mm Limited lens would be a really sexy combo!

This is a pretty good DSLR for amateurs/semi-pros… but at this price point there are better options out there.

Including the vertical grip is a big plus (I won’t shoot a wedding or portrait session without one) but it doesn’t look like it comes with the second battery.

Dude, the K-3 is one of the best APS-C cameras on the market. You’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between a photo taken by this camera and something with a larger sensor. At this price point, you can’t get any better.

As for the grip battery, those are pretty cheap. Regardless, the grip functions without a battery in it, so you still get the vertical shooting functionality.

Hey Woot, it would be awesome if you had some Q lenses for the next time you have Q bodies for sale. I am dying to expand my lens collection for my Q7! Even the “Toy” lenses would be awesome.

I own all but the 18-270 so if you have some questions, feel free to ask.

In the meantime, here some photos I’ve taken with Pentax:

And this set is all about the Q:

There’s a lot of positives to the gear for sale here and lots I could say about each one. But rather than spending hours for something that probably wouldn’t be read anyway, I’ll just say this - Pentax engineers design cameras and lenses with soul. They are easy to use, they are designed to withstand the journey, and will deliver beauty and joy.

I received my K3 last Sat.from the previous WOOT. It did come with a second battery. So far I’m very impressed with it. I’ve played with a few old manual lenses but It shines with the Pentax DA* 16-50 F2.8 I just got from Adorama.

Where is the sliver edition for “Pentax 20290 smcP FA 31mm f/1.8 Limited Lens”?

You are on crack if you think that this is true.

For this amount of money, you can’t get a better new DSLR. None.

Pentax K3 review


The 31mm lens is fantastic and a good price. They go for about $1300 at B&H and Adorama. I use mine on my ancient K1000 and is my favorite lens. Excellent image quality and an ideal focal length.

I wish they have the sliver edition since i have a sliver K3

I believe all of the Pentax limited lenses are out of production at this time. I could be wrong though, but I haven’t seen a silver limited for sale for a long time.

I have the Pentax FA 31 Limited, and it is the best lens I own by far. Its one of the best lenses ever made for the K mount. I’d highly recommend it, especially at that price. I paid close to 1000 for mine new several years ago. If you treat it right, it will last you a lifetime.


I’m a m4/3 fanboy, but would pick this up in a second if I had the cash on hand. You WILL NOT find a sensor/lens combination that reaches Pentax quality at this price point with Canon or Nikon.

Totally agreed

Just chiming in to sing the K3’s praises. Despite being pretty heavily invested in the Nikon system, I picked this up on the last Woot to upgrade from my D7000, rather than going to D7100. With just an inexpensive old F series 35-70 the increase in resolution and image quality is huge, even under hard light. I don’t think the control deck is quite as intuitive as Nikon, but otherwise it has basically the same image quality as Nikon’s D7100 with better build and features. This is probably the best crop sensor body around right now. While Pentax doesn’t have the same degree of lens selection as Nikon(which has a massive catalog), they have plenty of gems. If you look around you can find deals elsewhere on black body bundles, but this is far and away the best deal on the silver edition that I have seen.

I used to shoot with an SLR before the digital revolution, but got out of photography when the digital stuff took over. But I’m going to Norway for 6 months and looking for a nice camera to use for the scenery and what not. I can’t afford the K3, but was looking at the Q bundles. Any feedback on those? Thanks for any information.

I don’t have personal experience but I have never heard great things. It has a small sensor, so if you want to print quality will suffer. If you can afford more, you can probably get a still new but previous generation intermediate model DSLR kit for around 500-600. Check the Mothership for Nikon D5200, Nikon d7000, or Pentax K-50 (I don’t know the Canon designations). If you don’t mind buying used, a good quality Nikon D300 and a mid-range zoom could probably be had for about the same price.

For a six month trip to Norway I think all these would be better options and you will be glad you spent the extra money when you see the results.

I have the Q7 and love it for it’s size and portability. I think the picture quality is great in good to medium light.

That said, if I were going away on a 6 month trip to a place that’s likely to be wet and cold, the Q7 would not be high on my list.

I’d want to get a weather sealed cam that could take good images in low light. Depending on your total budget and weight limits, I’d either go with a Pentax k50 or look for a used K30 (around $300). If possible, get a DA18-135 (used $300) and a DA50 f1.8 (new $150). If that’s too much $$, get a DA18-55wr and a DA50-200wr for $100 each used and look for a M50 f1.7 for around $40. Pentax forums is a great place to get used stuff (but look at feedback ratings of course).

Good luck!

PS if you want, I’ll go with you and take the pictures for you if you pay for my plane ticket and room and board :slight_smile: