Pentax Gameseeker III Scope (2 Choices)

**Item: **Pentax Gameseeker III Scope (2 Choices)
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Time to watch a video on the 4-12x40mm model[youtube=EqzXGQJt07U][/youtube]


Let’s check out the product page for the 3-9x40mm

Check out some reviews on SportsMansGuide

Cheaper at Amazon ($69.99 + free shipping) for the 4-12x40 mm:

Edit: older model

Do these come with something to mount them on my picaninny rail? or must I buy some kind of adapter?

You would need a rings (1" diameter).

dont waste your money opn Pentax. You can get a quality Nikon for about $10 extra. I paid $90 for my Nikon from Gander Mountain.

I’ve had a Pentax Gameseeker on my .30-06 for I guess about four years now. It has held its zero the entire time and puts the bullet exactly where I want it to go. No probs with fogging or anything else. It’s a good value scope IMO. I have a bunch of Nikon optical products too and yeah you could buy a Nikon for 10 or 20 bucks more because it has the name Nikon on it but I can’t see that it’s going to get you any benefit and Nikon USA’s service can be a real nightmare.

I really like the Nikon scopes, but mainly the two higher end models - (Buckmaster and Monarch). I don’t have any experience with the lower end Prostaff so can’t compare personally. However, Nikon does a good job of rating their lines in terms of light transmission. Any scope should be able to hold zero and keep from getting foggy unless it is just junk. The good scopes show themselves when light gets low. If you can make out what you want to shoot in low light with your bare eyes or good binoculars, then put your gun up and can’t see anything, that’s your scopes fault. Or you left the scope covers on.
So it all comes down to experience since technical measurements of these things are not accurate across manufacturers. Also, Pentax is Chinese/American with their Burris partner and Nikon is Japanese. Both are very high quality optics manufacturers.
And if that isn’t vague enough of a review, here are some more from optics planet, a high volume online reseller.
For me, I’ll stick with what I know, Nikon. I suspect I could be happy with either though.

yeah, I just meant any Nikon that’s anywhere close to this price. Of course the higher end one’s that cost 2 to 5 times as much are going to offer more quality. The pentax is a great scope and nothing in this price range is going to offer significantly better performance IMO though the low-end Nikon is probably about the same but with worst customer support. Nikon may be Japanese but their Prostaffs are made in China and the Monarchs are made in the Phillipines. Not that those are bad products. They’re not. I own Nikon Binoculars and about $5000 worth of Nikon camera equipment so I’m a fan of their products (though not their service) but being a Japanese company is irrelevant when the product is made everywhere else.

Ok guys, a scope is up again, let me walk you all through how to decide how good it is.

Quality Control: I have no idea about pentax quality control, but this is the “where the rubber hits the road” category. Either the company produces something as good as it is on paper or they don’t.

Optics: this product says right in the specs that it has fully multi coated optics. Fully multi coated optics are THE BEST optics you can get. Many top brand scopes do not have fully multi coated optics except in their very best models.

What do those numbers mean?: a 4-12x40 scope has variable zoom between 4x and 12x, and the size of the big part of the tube is 40mm. 40 is the classic standard, it lets in a good amount of light, and you probably wont have darkness issues unless you are looking past 4 or 5 hundred yards. The biggest scopes out there are typically only 50mm, although I’m sure there are some uncommon 75mm models that nobody owns or has ever heard of. I own a 50mm and it lets so much light in that, if anything, you are trying to keep light out.

Thats it. Judging by the fact that pentax makes cameras, and popular ones at that, I suspect that the quality control on their scopes is excellent, the optics are the best money can buy, and 3-9x40 and 4-12x40 are the most common scope sizes made anywhere in the world, to give you an idea of how suitable people find scopes like these to be. These scopes are not leupold scopes, but they are probably every bit as good as a comparable leupold scope for 1/5th the cost.

That is not a review that is an alternate seller. Watch out for this one Woot!

This is the gameseeker 3 but the gameseeker 4 is available on amazon for noticeably less money and free shipping.

Why pay more for less? Get the version 4 off amazon.

You are probably looking at the Gameseeker 4 - 12 right? And thinking that is a Gameseeker 4? Not the same as the Gameseeker III 4 - 12.

will this be mountable to a British 303 ?