Pentax K-3 Silver Edition DSLR Camera Body

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Pentax K-3 Silver Edition DSLR Camera Body
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perfect reviews over at and check out the product page

More reviews from Adorama and PC Mag

This one, as are Pentax DSLR cameras, is “backwards” compatible with all previous Pentax K-mount lenses.

Eat yer heart out, Nikon and Canon… can’t claim that!

Well crap. Just bought a k3 though I’d rather have this version…

Anyways, I’ve been shooting with Pentax for 5 or so years now and love their cameras. They are incredibly tough, they feel great, and take excellent pics.

Really love the flu SD card which is a wifi card that is made specially for Pentax - lets you use your phone or tablet as your live view screen and you can choose different focus points as well as change aperture, shutter speed, and iso via your tablet/phone.

Back to the k3 - pro level build at a very competitive price. Superior to the Nikon D7100 and Canon 7d in many ways (video quality not among them, though it’s still very good video). Very happy with the camera and the brand.

Tracking focus is very good - took photos at a work event at a go kart track and it was super easy to get shots.

Here’s a link to some of the other photos I’ve taken using Pentax gear.

More info and pics over at Photography Review

FWIW, been shooting Pentax since the 70’s. Used canon, nikon, olympus. Pentax wins.

But I find it odd that this one comes with a grip but no lens. So it’s really meant to upgrade.

I own the K-3, since February of this year. Great “pro-sumer” APS-C dSLR. Your biggest problem will be finding affordable lenses in certain categories. Pentax lenses themselves are great overall, and generally more affordable than equivalents from Nikon or Canon, but their range/selection is certainly much smaller. Several of their lenses are weather sealed though, which goes nicely with the K-3 weather sealing. The bigger issue is lack of good support from 3rd party lens manufacturers like Sigma and Tamron. Sigma discontinued their 8-16mm wide angle for Pentax mount, I got one of the last ones from Japan and it’s a fantastic lens, really a shame they stopped making them. Tamron doesn’t make their surprisingly good budget 150-600 long zoom for Pentax either. sigh

That being said, if you’re into primes and weather sealing, Pentax is great. Lots of features built-in to this camera too, intervalometer (I bought a 3rd party one, but hardly use it), sophisticated bracketing, HDR, and other things.

Here are some shots from Iceland:

I’ve had defective and missing shipments for months and still no resolve. Woot’s changed dramatically in customer service and I see a very very dim future for them if they continue this disloyal and unacceptable behavior with customer service needs. It’s been much better in the past.

[mod note: last interaction we had with CS on your behalf resulted in a refund, please use the support tab above to contact CS if you have another ongoing issue]

For a camera of this caliber I’d rather have it come with no lens than some mid- to low-grade commodity chunk of glass I’d likely replace anyway… Not every Pentax/K-mount lens is a “gem”

I just read in Popular Photography that Ricoh now owns Pentax and uses that name on DSLRs and is slowly putting the name on other cameras in the Ricoh line.

When was Pentax bought out?

I was trying to figure out why a DSLR had an auto-winder.

Turns out it’s a battery disguised as an auto-winder. It would be cool if it made that auto-winding noise!

Hoya bought Pentax in 2008 for the research Pentax was doing and then sold off the camera division to Ricoh in October 2011.

Fantastic pictures! It’s not all about the camera, your photography skills are excellent as well. Thanks for sharing.

This is a really well featured camera body at a great price. If I was not so invested in the Nikon system I would snap this right up. It would seem to compare to the Nikon 7100, but with a bigger buffer and in body vibration reduction. The latter is huge as Nikon puts their vibration reduction in their lens, which of course is a premium feature and is only available in the newer lenses. Particularly with a battery grip included this a great deal.

This is a very good summation of this camera. It is a fantastic, fantastic machine and far more camera than you will get from Canon or Nikon for a similar price, with pro-level build quality (fully metal frame and weather sealed!), great controls/interface, and an excellent sensor. If you are a pro or high level amateur the smaller selection of modern lenses is a strike against it.

However, if you are the tinkering type, the enormous selection of excellent legacy lenses that can be used on it make it a heck of a lot of fun to play with.

This is a great deal for a superb APS-C camera.

Ricoh appears to be moving in a direction where interchangeable lens cameras are Pentax, while everything else is Ricoh. Most notably, the latest WG-series waterproof compacts now wear the Ricoh name.

Anyway, this is a great, great DSLR for Pentax fans. Wish I had an extra $1000 laying around, but nooooo, we had to buy new furniture, and a new transmission for the kids’ car, and arrrrgh…

Since this thing doesn’t come with any lens, you could pair this camera with some of the great fixed focal length lenses that Pentax makes. While they don’t zoom, they are razor sharp & take stunning pictures! Get a lens like this beaut

DANG IT! I wish I had a $1000 laying around for me to use! My K10D is getting really long in the tooth. I love that camera, but an upgrade would be very welcome!