Pentax K-3 Silver Edition DSLR Camera Body

I want to piggyback on what others have been saying and modify it a bit. While Pentax does have a smaller lens selection than Nikon, Canon and even Sony, unless you’re a pro it won’t mean anything to you. Their lens selection is good for even advanced users and in the area of prime (non-zoom) lenses, Pentax is unmatched.

Another plus is that Pentax offers the most features per dollar of any DSLR maker. They listen to their users and give them what they want. They have unique modes that no other camera makers use (eg, I use TAv mode more than any other on my K5)

I wish I could justify spending $1k on this but I have a perfectly good K5 and K01 in my bag. My wife wouldn’t understand the need.

Agreed on the quality of the primes.

Also, dollar for dollar amongst “prosumer dslr” peers, pentax build quality, ruggedness, and weather resistance puts canikon models to shame.

Love my original K5. This K3 would be an awesome upgrade but there isn’t anything wrong with my K5.

And this is not a refurb too.


Agreed. I have no use for more lenses but point being this is woot. Not too many “pros” would be shopping here for a camera. Mostly new folks who aren’t realizing it’s a boat anchor unless they invest more $$ into some (or at least one) lens.

Enthusiast, not pro, and I use a K20D with both a fixed K-X lens and with an assortment of 40+ year-old K-mount lenses inherited from my grandfather. (And still, when the mood strikes me, shoot film on his old camera.) If I had the cash to spare, I’d be ALL over this deal for the upgrade in resolution alone!

It looks like the silver is limited to 2000 but has the same features as the K3 black which can be had for $850 new. Not sure a battery grip and retro styling is worth $150 on a refurb. At this price point you’re getting about 18mp’s (-6mp or 25%), 9 autofocus points (-18 or 67%), and 12800 ISO (-38,400? or 75%), with Canon or Nikon. The in camera image stabilization, extra SD slot and weather sealing are also hard to find on a Canon or Nikon for this price. Pretty impressive advantages for the Pentax over the big two.

This is not a refurb it is new. Add the battery grip and this is a fantastic deal IMO.

I have an old Pentax film SLR with two zoom lenses… would the lenses be compatible with this DSLR (with or without an adapter)?

People need to stop complain about lens selection when it come to pentax. Pentax is about the trinity!
If you really need a ton of selection between 300-600 mm focal length you need to look at the other 2. Otherwise pentax own. Before my K5, I had k20 and AF in dark is HORRID and K5 is amazing. Not as fast as 7D I would say with their USM lens or Nikon D7100 but it’s nearly there. I heard this K3 is bad ass, I really want it for the dual slot for backup during event shooting but can’t justify it for a hobbyist like me :\

I’m in the same boat here as other Pentax users. I own a very fine K5 & K20 and see no practical reason to buy a K3 at the moment… even though I would be very happy if I could. K5 is fantastic especially with the primes and pancake lenses Pentax has sold over the years.

It is new, my mistake. I still don’t see how a battery grip and the finish is worth $150. I don’t even use my $40 battery grip since it adds a lot of bulk for one small battery that takes all of 10 seconds to swap out.

The grip itself is only for the K3 and goes for ~$200. I like the grip for the improved control it gives, but for that kind of price would make me think twice.

i almost bought this, but i got K-7 from woot, and i don’t use it as much as i should…

(loud whispering voice only the woot buyer can hear)

Next month…late-October…Halloween…gunmetal…$100 lower…gunmetal…$100 off…gunmetal…gunmetal…gunmetal…