Pentax K-7 Weather Resistant 14.6MP Camera & 18-55mm Lens

wow refurbished for $790. Who would buy that?

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While the Pentax K-7’s predecessor, the K20D, was clearly a competent camera it was never quite up there, either in terms of performance nor from a specification point of view, with the established semi-pro models such as the Canon EOS 40/50D or the Nikon D300. However, with the K-7, Pentax has clearly upped its game and the new model is in many respects on eye level with the competition’s enthusiast offerings.

The K-7’s build quality and ergonomics are as good as it gets in this class of camera and the wealth of customization options make it an efficient tool for a large variety of photographic tasks. On top of that the spec sheet makes nice reading as well. 14.6 megapixels is still a more than competitive resolution for any APS-C camera. The K-7 also offers the highest resolution video mode amongst its direct competitors (though it’s the wrong aspect ratio for playback on most TVs) and comes with a number of interesting and useful features such as in-camera RAW conversion, composition-adjustment or in-camera HDR.

AF- and continuous shooting speed are the two areas where the K-7 lags just a tiny bit behind the competition. While the vast majority of photographers will be more than happy with the Pentax’ focusing speed and 5.2 fps continuous shooting, the ‘speed freaks’ amongst us such as action or sports photographers will probably be leering at the Nikon D300s’ 51-point AF and 8 frames per second. Having said that, the Nikon is approximately $500 more expensive than the Pentax which makes the K-7 look like a pretty decent deal.

tempting, but I am holding out for a K-5.

This camera is nicer than my car.

Several years ago there was a Woot-Off that had five Bags o’ Crap, but that was the only time as far as I know.

The Woot Off might end with this one. Not alot of people in this economy can afford an $800 camera.

That’s Spensive!

Got this (same price I think) on moofi (another woot site) and I like it. Only thing I’ll say is pay attention to the weight shown, this is NOT a lightweight unit. (I have a very high-end 35mm, which is heavy, but not like this.) I did get a different lens for it, but YMMV. I’m happy with the product.

Previous moofi woot

Personally I’m a Nikon fan, and for SLRs it’s a pain to go cross format. If you do get it, I’d suggest ditching the 18-55mm lens and going for a 35mm or 50mm lens. You lose the zoom, but it’s a lot easier and more fun to shoot with.

I shoot Pentax. I have a much older model than this. This is a really good deal. But for me to replace my set up, I would have to also purchase a battery grip, a second battery and a second charger. So I’d be out about $1000 to replace my current set up. Still better than the price of this new, but not something I buy on the spur of the moment from Woot.

Whew we’re going to be here for a while… that’s too many cameras to sell for that kind of price.
No thank you- I’d rather pay my rent this month.

Not a good deal.

There are several deals out there with a Canon t3i, with 3 lens, 18-55, 55-250 and 50mm lens, and other crap (bag, SD card, case, etc. for $999.

Better camera, and really good extra lens…

Much better deal than here.

just because they can’t afford it, doesn’t mean they won’t buy it.

If only I had an extra $800. lying around…

The interesting thing, to me, was that the camera can use older 35mm pentax lenses - which people mentioned could be picked up at a reasonable price (used).



Dang it, I missed it! I’m still shooting with my K10D; I need to upgrade! Maybe I’ll just wait until I find a K-5 on sale somewhere (hint, hint Woot)…