Pentax K-7 Weather Resistant 14.6MP Camera & 18-55mm Lens

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Pentax K-7 Weather Resistant 14.6MP Camera & 18-55mm Lens
$789.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Wonder how many of these they’ll have.


That’s the end of the Woot Off.

OUCH! an $800 bomb!

Oooh, in for three!

… oh, wait

With that price point, hopefully not very many.

I’m betting there’s just one.

Hmm, this one might take a while…

Pretty pricey new…

This will never get off the screen.

ummm I hope someone that really likes camera’s comes by.

I thought Pentax was suppose to be low end…

They couldnt have more than one… could they?

Who has this kind of money for a camera in this economy?! If I had a spare $794.99 I would be using it to pay the mortgage.

What is this, a Woot-Off for the 1%?

Brb, lunch.

Does this come in a K-9 version? If so… I’m down.

Cool…I guess that I have some time to drive home, now.

Tax pushes it over the limit for my credit card…i’m out.