Pentax K-7 Weather Resistant 14.6MP Camera & 18-55mm Lens

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Pentax K-7 Weather Resistant 14.6MP Camera & 18-55mm Lens
$779.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Please only 1…

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand… the Wootoff is over.

going for over a 1000 USD on amazon.

A refurb… seriously?

I sure wish it was the pink Pentax offered a while back. Been hunting for one here in the US :frowning:

no one’s buying, what a shocker… /sarcasm

Eight hundred bucks for a Pentax? Wow.

that is an intense price tag.

Woot-off killer. See you in a couple of hours…

Another camera. Look, Woot, when I’m ready to replace my Kodak Disc, I’ll TELL you!

Woot off killer :frowning:

In for 253.


Woot killer.

Now this will be the woot killer!!

Meanwhile, home.woot has a really sucky knife sharpener…oh, wait…a really GREAT one for those who have no clue how to use a steel.

dpreview quite likes this camera.

"Good for:
Anyone wanting a semi pro camera that won’t make a hole in your pocket or weigh you down too much.

Not so good for:
Low light work, movie makers"

Found it as a past WOOT Deal.