Pentax K-7 Weather Resistant 14.6MP Camera & 18-55mm Lens

Whatever happened to the cheesey < $50 stuff we all like to buy so much?? (not to mention afford!)

Shouldn’t be too long as long as there are <5

If this was a k-5 i’ll be al over it.

please just have one.

Sorry Woot… I picked up a K-5 on Cyber Monday for $999. All you Pentax haters a: don’t know what your talking about b: are totally missing out and paying to much for your Canikon.

Wow, I have participated in many a woot off and this camera is bad news…unless they have one or two???

If someone would just buy one we would know how long this will take. It is a good deal. Take it for the team - someone - anyone.

They might only have 1 or 2. Slow down, grab your supper and keep your volume up if running wootalyzer. You might be surpised as this is a good deal and some Wooters are looking for an upscale DSLR.

Doubt it. They’re already had the randombaggieofcrap, so the w00t-off will likely not end until one o’clock a.m., CST.

If it was $279…

with a lens? if so, that is an amazing price. I paid $980 for a body only on cyber Monday.

Yeah! Where’s the 3-spring chest expander? Or the stealth bomber-shaped/vaguely sexual ab exerciser?

Ca ca ca ca Combo-Breaker!

Old model. Was around $1400 new.

some 1 buy so we can move on! i need a k-5

so, which one of you are going to buy me one for Christmas?

Weather resistant is a nice feature though. I have a Canon T2i and prefer it over Pentax, that is a nice feature though.

Steels align the blade, not sharpen. That being said, I wouldn’t touch that sharpening thing with a 10-foot steel.

way to destroy a perfectly good woot-off. >_<

Pentax? They’ve made a name for themselves over the past 20 or 30 years, but you kind of have to ask yourself why it’s this expensive AND refurbbed, huh?